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Off Topic / Re: Kalphiter
« on: March 24, 2024, 12:42:57 AM »
wait queueue is kalphiter???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

how am i just now learning this

Off Topic / Re: What happened in your birth year?
« on: March 12, 2024, 01:27:15 AM »
jet fuel cant melt steel beams

Off Topic / Re: Software engineering trends that annoy you
« on: March 02, 2024, 09:39:23 PM »
damn mr lol is an apple fanboy  :panda:

I still remember having my dad buy me BL back in 2012/13 (honestly don't remember its one of those years) and i instantly loved it though i never learned how to built that well lol. though being like 10/11 i had no idea what I had no idea wtf I was getting myself into. I still remember in the Return To Blockland chat people were posting very inappropriate bs in the chat and i definitely should've had someone monitoring what I was looking at, at that age.

flash forward to like 2014, I joined the forums once I made an actual email but I didn't really post anything until some dude  named Amir made a drama on me because how of I was hosting my boss battles server (which was basically just a ripoff of pecons server lmao). I made a counter drama which didn't go well obviously me being 12 and not knowing how to actually form an argument and going off pure emotions. After that experience I was started ducking the BL forums because I clearly couldn't handled it lol.

 Then in 2016/17  I started posting again now as a 14 year old, from what I remember , i was a kinda annoying and plus I learned that I really didn't know to communicate with people properly. some of my forum threads would be complaining about things in my life or just posting a lot of pictures of myself which started to annoy some people so yeah loool. I did make a lot of friends in
 da community (nix the glaceon, insertnamehere, visolator to name a few) but i straight haven't talked anyone here anymore besides Visolator ig (even then we rarely interact on discord). One thing I remember is that I was definitely not right in the head and had mental health problems (straight up still do but im a lot more aware of it ).

I think 2018 is where I started to move on from Blockland almost entirely. Like I used to be almost depend on this site as weird as it sounds but now I barely think about unless im feeling nostalgic, I want check in if its the site is still or people still hosting servers. right now im kinda the same personality wise when i was a teenager but ive definitely become way more aware of myself and surroundings, trying to work on myself more as a person. I could've typed a lot more but i think this is fine.
ayooo been foreva

Drama / Re: :)
« on: January 24, 2024, 06:37:36 PM »
˙ ͜>˙

Off Topic / Re: It's My Birthday!
« on: January 24, 2024, 06:29:29 PM »
 :cookieMonster: :iceCream:

General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: January 24, 2024, 06:27:56 PM »
what discord server does he even vc on lol

Off Topic / Re: Forumer of the Year 2023: snot2 vs. Dillpickle
« on: January 13, 2024, 04:48:01 PM »

Off Topic / Re: Forumer of the Year 2023: Idle vs Sheepocalypse
« on: January 08, 2024, 04:49:41 PM »
me cus im a gaymer

« on: January 07, 2024, 12:07:57 AM »
thought this was gonna be the pbg meme for a sec but na, damn

General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: December 31, 2023, 12:53:25 AM »
he actually talks and sounds autistic, in terms of how autistic people talk slightly differently than normal

most of the time actually everyone in the vc just ignores him cause he wont shut up about random things lol
lmfao wow amazing, wish i coulda experienced some rlcbm vc's

General Discussion / Re: What does username RLCBM stand for?
« on: December 28, 2023, 01:44:23 AM »
also when i asked him what time it was in vc he said time for you to get a watch and i dont want to have been owned by a bot
wait have u actually talked with rlcbm in vc, or was he just muted & typing responses

Games / Re: gta 6 trailer out early
« on: December 04, 2023, 11:21:09 PM »
still so friggin surreal watching it

cant believe it's almost here

Off Topic / Re: Don't google this
« on: September 12, 2023, 10:35:53 PM »
i googled it

i regret it  :panda:

Off Topic / Re: Rawr XD XD!! 1!! O_O
« on: August 29, 2023, 12:39:54 AM »

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