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Add-Ons / [FRESH] Dragon Longsword from RuneScape : {DEMO VIDEO}
« on: June 23, 2020, 03:20:08 AM »
Click the image below for a video demo!

The Dragon Longsword sucks in RuneScape. Not here.
* Has a swing arc! It's not a gun!
* Sword clangs when you hit anything that's not a player or vehicle!
* Right-click to Special Attack! Fires an explosive sword beam!
* Sound effects from RuneScape 2!
* It took forever to make!

Click the image above for the video!
Click the image below for the download!

Some other great RuneScape-inspired add-ons:
Dark Bow
Staff of Iban

6/19: fixed a bug that would give an error message if you died.

Cei-Rigotti. The guy who made it? Cei-Rigotti.
This prototype was one of the first automatic rifles ever designed. It didn't get anywhere, though, probably because it sucked.

Here are some of its features:
*Unlimited ammo.
*High damage hybrid raycast-bullet system -  a bullet spawns when the raycast is out of range.
**Credit to Gravity Cat for his hitscan StaticShape model and code.
*Recoil system - mostly vertical deviation, with some side-to-side.
*Jamming system - fire too many bullets at a time, and your character has to clear the chamber!!

Other than the jamming feature, this gun is very overpowered - but also very fun to use.
Click the picture below to download. Let me know of any issues.

Add-Ons / Autoscatter Mark 2: default-style semiauto shotgun again
« on: June 03, 2020, 01:34:35 AM »

What did you expect?

It's another semi-auto shotgun based on the default gun.
Good for all arcade-style purposes!
Click the pic below to download.

"The court has found you guilty of being a redneck, white-bread, chicken-stuff motherforgeter..."

Color scheme shamelessly ripped from maxymax13's Sawn-off Pistol.


The MALDITOS are here

New pistols now available.
They're like the default gun.

Each Maldito has its own quirks. Here is a brief summary for each:

Mldt. 9: shoot while moving for additional damage.

Mldt. 9 Dual: ditto - plus right-click to fire the left gun.

Mldt. 50: skill cannon - don't miss, or you'll have to take a pause from shooting to regain high-damage mode.

Mldt. 9-SD: move slowly to fire raycasts - take a pause from shooting to reload them when they run out.

Mldt. Cuadrado: use it like a shotgun!

Mldt. Automatico: watch the recoil pattern.

Click the image below to download.

May 11: Update: link to post
May 18: Another update! link to post
May 25: Update III: link to post

Add-Ons / Default Weapons Expanded - new implements
« on: December 22, 2017, 02:57:14 AM »


    New spins on default weapons now available! Click the title of each weapon to download.

    Double Gun
    A double-barreled default gun!

    Recoilless Rifle
    A rocket launcher that fires weaker tank shells.

    Dual Weapons
    Fire each weapon individually using mouse1 and mouse2!

    Dual Guns
    Two guns simultaneously. Not to be confused with Guns Akimbo. (Reupload)

    Gun with Rocket Launcher
    A gun and rocket launcher.

    Spear with Bow
    Also in Classic Brown
    A spear in one hand, bow in another.

    Also, check out the Autoscatter for another default-styled weapon.

    Update 12/22:
    • Fixed weapons pointing at ground.
    • Nerfed Recoilless Rifle.
    • Added Spear with Bow Classic.

    Add-Ons / Dark Bow - handheld artillery
    « on: December 19, 2017, 09:19:41 PM »

      1v1 ME EDGE

      The Dark Bow has found its way into the hands of block people, once formerly used by roughnecks that would fight north of a ditch. They originate from the intestinal tract of an interdimensional beast that looked similar to a typical Blockland player - fat, diabetic, and full of cystic acne.

      • Fires two arrows at once; one-hit kill.
      • Small impact explosion deals high damage over a small radius.
      • Large secondary explosion makes the bow great for denial of area.
      • Retro sound effects.
      • TOXICITY
      edit: removed a folder that shouldn't have been there

      Add-Ons / Staff of Iban - summon the power of Iban
      « on: December 18, 2017, 04:42:42 PM »

        IBAN BLAST

        The staff of the most infamous Zamorakian fanatic has made its way into the hands of tetragonal combatants.

        • Explosive skull projectile that deals massive damage on direct hit.
        • Melee attack - click rapidly.
        • Retro sound effects.
        • CHAOS

        Add-Ons / Fedorov Avtomat - antique assault rifle
        « on: November 21, 2017, 12:15:40 AM »

        The Fedorov Avtomat can be considered either the first assault rifle ever fielded or the predecessor of it. It entered service in 1915 with the Imperial Russian Army as a squad support weapon, meant to be used in almost the same manner as the M1918 BAR. Like most modern assault rifles, the FA was select-fire, fed from a detachable box magazine, and was light enough to be carried by one man. It also fired the 6.5mm Arisaka round, which was chosen for greater control in automatic fire. However, its design was very ahead of its time, and only around 3,200 were produced and used in very limited numbers.

        Download bitch

        Suggestions & Requests / What are your favorite WWI-era weapons?
        « on: November 19, 2017, 07:47:44 PM »

        The first half of the 20th century brought about large advancements in the technology of small arms. What are your favorite WWI and interwar-era weapons that you might like to see in-game? Mass issued or prototype only, I don't care. Go ahead.

        Add-Ons / Autoscatter - default style semi-auto shotgun
        « on: November 13, 2017, 02:19:24 AM »


        Based off of an earlier pistol design, researchers were able to create an extremely dangerous magazine-fed semi-automatic shotgun. Used by law enforcement in Africa and against their descendants by police departments in America.

        • 6 pellets per shot, dealing 15 damage each.
        • Short-range invisible raycast deals 25 damage; extremely deadly in CQC.
        • Semi-automatic.
        • Custom assets.

        Add-Ons / Claplock Autocarbine
        « on: November 11, 2017, 05:46:52 PM »
        This early automatic weapon is commonly found in the hands of the Anti-Fascist movement, which mostly consists of naive young adults looking to make friends or maybe breach the wall of their virginity while simultaneously combatting the Anti Jew Troops and their chapters in all major cities.
        Uses a gas system that blasts the breech open using hot gas. This strips and loads a round from the magazine as it claps shut.
        • Violent cycling animation
        • Full auto fire
        • 5-shot kill, 4 up close
        • Custom assets

        Add-Ons / H&K ArmoryPlus - new weapons for H&K
        « on: October 29, 2017, 01:02:54 AM »
        Hi everybody. Some of you might remember this weapon pack that added a few pistols and machine pistols to Hells & Khain Weaponry. Well today I bring you an update making use of very old models I've never released!!
        Changes from Armory:
        • Several new weapons.
        • New sounds.
        • Rebalanced some weapons - but the pack is not balanced as a whole.

        Weapon List

        Assault rifles
        AAI ACR
        Sa vz. 58

        Webley 1911
        Super Blackhawk (not shown)

        Machine pistols

        Light machine gun


        Add-Ons / Infiltration Rifle - kill shills and shuck cucks
        « on: November 25, 2016, 02:46:43 PM »


        • Fully automatic with a moderate rate of fire. Same projectile as the Gun.
        • Right click to fire a tank shell - does not interrupt fire while using.
        • Accuracy decreases slightly while firing.
        • Sleek model, CI (bullets), and icon.
        • American made.
        • Requires Weapon_Gun and Vehicle_Tank to be enabled.

        "Get off my lawn... CUCKS"


        Add-Ons / Carlos LMG
        « on: November 11, 2016, 09:14:14 PM »

        A jury-rigged machine gun. Shoot in five-round bursts for optimal accuracy.

        Suggest anything please, whether a new weapon or to make this gun more fun or interactive!
        This took around two low-effort hours to improvise and make.

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