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Off Topic / Re: Whamageddon 2023 (it begins)
« on: December 05, 2023, 11:33:51 PM »
(I played Last Christmas on my soundboard before disconnecting from a Lethal Company session)
There's a special place in hell for you.

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: December 05, 2023, 11:27:38 PM »
must be why the zionists funded hamas for so longcare to explain how they're keeping civilian casualties low? i mean, george bush thought the killing of a dozen civilians for one hamas leader was extreme - and now the deaths of 9000+ civilians is "pretty loving low"?
given the population density, yes, it is. i'll go dig up the stuff i found when i get the chance here explaining it.
thats a very funny way of saying unprecedented civillian “casualties” in the span of 2 months
do you have anything besides empty rhetoric?
using explosives in a densely populated urban center is the exact opposite of restraint. yes, the precision of their strikes is impressive and the collateral damage is relatively low compared to, like, a nuclear detonation. however, any armed force that continues to kill civilians every day and makes little to no effort to reduce future civilian deaths isn't trustworthy, and shouldn't have weapons or funding.
they make plenty of effort. did you not see the video where Hamas shoves a bunch of civilians in front of them as meatshields while continuing to shoot at the israelis and the israeli army doesn't just open fire?

if there was a terrorist living in a house across the street from you and israel was put in charge of neutralizing them, you'd likely be killed too, along with everyone in the nearby vicinity. they would keep bombing as many targets as necessary to reduce their perceived 'threats' regardless of how many civilians die in the process. you could die. your family, children, siblings, friends, neighbors, could all die, and they wouldn't stop to think that what they're doing is wrong. would you feel proud to watch your children die in an explosion, knowing that a few alleged terrorists were also killed? is that a necessary sacrifice, and if it is, why didn't the dead civilians at least receive some sort of consent form from israel? shouldn't you, as someone in the killzone of a high-explosive payload, have a say in whether your home will be destroyed?
there's a difference between "terrorist living in the house across the street" and "literally an entire tunnel network under your entire neighborhood that contains hundreds of terrorists and their stockpiles and infrastructure".

israel tries to get civilians to evacuate before bombing, remember.
there is no difference between hamas and the israeli army. both kill civilians, one intentionally as a tool of warfare, the other through sheer negligence and inconsideration for alternate means of warfare. in the end, non-combatant civilians with no say or defense from warfare, are dead. it's like saying hamas is showing 'restraint' because they didn't rape a baby when they burned and killed her. true restraint would've been not killing the baby to begin with. true restraint from israel would mean never deploying any explosive ordinance within 500 meters of a civilian structure.
so what the forget do you think Israel should do when Hamas is firing rockets out of an apartment building and using schools as munitions stockpiles, wiseass?
that level of restraint is unrealistic for any army in this time period. until it is a reality, and warfare can be both clean and efficient, nobody should be at war, nor receive billions of dollars from other countries to continue violating people's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
so let me get this straight, when hamas goes on rape, murder, and torture sprees and brags about it and makes it 2000% clear they're going to do it again every time they get anything remotely resembling an opportunity, you want Israel to NOT try to get rid of hamas? no. forget that.

also, you remember the laws of war specifically require both parties to participate, right? hamas doesn't get to fire rockets out of a hospital at israeli towns and then cry foul when the hospital gets hit to take out the rocket launches (in such a case, hitting the hospital firing rockets at you is not a war crime). the REASON the laws of war explicitly allow that kind of response is to discourage starfishs from using civilians as meatshields, since if using civilians as meatshields actually prevents your victims from striking back, then everyone will start doing it and it creates a race to the bottom.

everyone remember this too: the source on the number of civilian deaths is the hamas-run health ministry. they blame literally every single dead palestinian on "israeli aggression" regardless of actual cause of death, including the palestinians that hamas gunned down for trying to flee to escape being used as meatshields. they also claim all deaths are innocent civilians, when the number actually includes plenty of their militants.

i should also point out that israeli soldiers never raped anyone, and that alone means one side is quantitatively worse than the other, because there is absolutely NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER under which rape is acceptable even in the most hard-men-making-hard-decisions perspectives. it's the one thing for which there is literally 0 possible gray area.

I still remember lots of the people I knew here, for a given value of "knew", and the good and bad times...

For the game itself...

  • The demo, back when a cousin of mine showed it to me at my great-aunt's house, and later during our birthday party (four of us had birthdays around the same time), right after everything went silent during the blowing out the candles, a sudden "DAH!" coming out of the computer room because I'd thrown myself off a tower in the 150-brick-limit demo made of 64x cubes or smth ten minutes earlier.
  • My earliest days, when being a 30ker who could script was a huge deal and I wrecked the hell out of some ID-national socialists.
  • Tomtom, whose trench TDM was great but I always ended up disappearing in the middle of a project whenever we worked on stuff later. Reinfield, one of the only people there whose gunning skill matched my own... AndreZ and Speedblade, too, maybe Seh. Tom's admins Danny Boy and Darren. Tom's chatbot BoB (nobody ever figured out the acronym afaik) who could forcekill you if you said "Bob give me money", he'd go "*pulls out gun* No you hand it over".
  • Honor and his honormining, same honestly, I was really bad about just... disappearing from things. Every loving time. I'm sorry, guys :(
  • Some cityRPG where Darkeh and Ikoyian abused glitches to ruin the game for everyone else for a whole day and no admins came online ever. Two of Ikoyian's alts came by in the next week raging about Ikoyian getting banned for it.
  • Cysero's medieval RP servers, later Annie's medieval RP, me accidentally causing a revolt among the admin staff of the latter, who tried to bring back the former and utterly failed due to scope creep. Glooper the slightly vindictive bro and Arkenov the powergamer (magic cyborg werewolf wtf) and Samantha who said "kinky" about everything and got on our nerves and her friend Tal who tried to bomb our terraria server. Joltarn who was a reasonable admin, and that starfish ThinkInvisible who demanded I define "is" when I was disputing a policy of his. Ice Dragon Empire who said "ide" instead of "i'd" every single goddamn time just for the stuff pun. Someone getting on our nerves asking over and over and over to be the princess (there was no government in the scope of the RP), and me banning her with the reason "It takes a special kind of person to be the princess. You are a different kind of special."
  • Kniaz and his Zombies in the Bluzone RP. IkeTheGeneric, Nemeroth who may or may not have been Giroian, and I think that was the server I met Audax on? That or one of the other RPs. Audax put into words really well the whole "admin is a responsibility not a fun time" thing.
  • Other trench TDMs like Reinforcements and Glass's. Tezuni's CTF and various randomizer DMs and TDMs.Cool people like SKrafe and H.M. Murdock and mlkbear and Nixton and Cougar and chris!, some of the only people who could hold their own against me in those because I got gud.
  • Me absolutely HATING the Auto Shotgun from Frog's Weapons because it spawned so many projectiles so fast that it lagged my client and got me killed so many times.
  • Scenery/Gytywhatevertheforgethisnamewas's Battlemix, with all the hilariously OP weapons, like the Auto Sniper Rifle that fired so fast you could fly on its recoil, the OP Shotgun that sprayed at least 20 fifty-damage bullets and you could ALSO fly with via recoil, the OP and Competent Magnums and the Guns Tetrakaikimbo Akimbo that I made and the Tomahawk and the Homahawk and the OP Tomahawk and my favorite weapon of all to be assigned an everyone-has-this-only round, the Bear 360 Calories that was a hitscan sniper only while you pulled it out and did its forced 360 and utter garbage afterward. The Spammer Rocket Launcher and the Amazing Mixashot random guns. God I miss that server.
  • The time my brother got banned from a prison escape (Tezuni's?) for "cheating" because everyone else just sucked so bad in comparison that he gunned down like thirty people in one round lmao
  • The time me and my brother discovered a glitch on TheBlackParrot's mining server where you could upgrade a stat that had PART of a stat name to upgrade an imaginary glitch stat, and we both at the same moment upgraded our "pee" levels (part of "speed").
  • This one guy, Vampire Man Soldier (or Creeper Man Soldier) who kept showing up on TDMs and Boss Battles servers over the years, and when I killed him, ONLY ME, NOBODY ELSE GOT THIS RESPONSE, he'd go "no freekilling king of bill". On a TDM. Yeah.
  • That time on... I think one of Glass's trench tdms?... Ravencroft killed Pench 35 times in a row without dying. It was hilarious. Poor Pench. He was such a good sport about the whole thing too, just... maybe not the brightest bulb since he kept trying the same thing over and over and over. Too bad Ravencroft turned out to be an asshat.
  • The time I tried to make a default manor build with monuments to major figures in Blockland history, then Ephialtes quit while I was in the middle of it. Sad he turned out to be a piece of stuff too (but that goes in a drama topic).
  • Eepos and Computermix and Dotdotcircle making blhack and its aimbot and wallhack, later briefly playing nice on the forums, then bragging on servers about their grand plans to destroy Blockland, and then me PMing Badspot screenshots of that.
  • Okiver ruining Amazon key purchasing for everyone and DDoSing the master server repeatedly.
  • Glass and Emo Nation running a trolling clan "we32" out of sockpuppet accounts, turning out to have phished over 50 keys from poor newbies who didn't know better, like Brad10 and Bulletspeed and Pvt. Yesrin and Ryan55. Glass bragging about it to me on steam (including posting 3 of the actual keys). Glass and Emo Nation suddenly and mysteriously getting all 50+ of their keys revoked the next day.
  • The other trollign clan, the Triple T Trollers, and its nefarious leader Kozak.
  • The pirate-ships-in-the-rain-with-ghouls speedkart track I never finished.
  • The SCP-Containment-Breach-style map I never finished.
  • The enormous museum build I never finished because my computer was a potato and sloped bricks have omni quads that are never hidden from rendering.
  • The Vectorman gamemode I never finished because I couldn't figure out how the hell to make the Bolo Shot (a large projectile, when all projectiles in BL are infinitely tiny points, and meant to be a piercing one at that, which BL ALSO doesn't support).
  • The early iterations of the Speedkart gamemode, where the light weight of the karts and BL's hilariously bad physics engine caused every collision to send both participants careening off into the distance.
  • The one time in the Hydro speedkart track in the final Speedkart gamemode, where a collision right out of the starting line launched someone's kart into the sky and it came back down on the finish line platform and they thus set a truly unbeatable record.
  • The bug in Frog's Weapons where the reload function saved ammo counts as a slot variable in a long and convoluted reload ammo shift around instead of just being straightforward about it, resulting in a bug where you could throw a weapon away mid-reload and then pick up a different weapon to load the old weapon's ammo count into the new weapon's magazine, insanely abusable with things like flamers and their 9999 clips getting shifted over to sniper rifles or grenade launchers. Me making a fix for that bug and then not posting it on the forums for some reason.
  • Apak's Speedkart With Guns.
  • Renderman, and also the Render gamemode stuff and Renderman Hunt servers.
  • Gravity Cat's... idk, some kind of steampunk blimp TDM? I didn't go there often, too much other stuff I was doing although it was cool as hell.
  • Pecon7's boss battles and its long and storied career. Powerdag getting kicked off the admin team for making his own special admin-only boss, something something super Riddler, and then using it on people. Me getting "Spamus" and "Dork Spamus" added to the chat filter there.
  • TheBlackParrot on a falling platforms server with his markov chain chatbot, and some wiseguy spamming "shark tiddy" at it a gajillion times to turn it into a furry.
  • Jorgur's medieval RPG that was ended by V21 eating his custom map (which was just a mass of terrain valleys). GSF Ghost's cities likewise perishing.
  • siba's neat brick packs.
  • TacoTuesdayOrBust22, who I remember little about besides the name.
  • Jayce's Dungeon Raiders in the later days of Blockland, and the time I actually managed to survive one of the rounds as a pocket medic, only one other survivor who "won" (because he did more damage to the boss) and the other two who got to the boss room with us but I wasn't quite fast enough to save. Me getting really pissed at Jayce because right when I was convincing my brother to give it a try Jayce swapped it to a troll server Furry RP.
  • Someone creating a server where he and another player recreated Hello Neighbor as an admin acting the part, with a side of Bendy and the Ink Machine. Then they ban you at the end so that other people can get a chance to play it too. It was pretty cool.
  • Redguy's Unlimited Mining, and naming my user ore "Stop Picking On Me".
  • Some dumbass named MY LITTLE PWN YOUR ASS! claiming to be admin on a freebuild server that he so clearly wasn't admin on and threatening to ban me for calling his 1x1 spam build spam.
  • Some starfish named Crystalbubble making 1x1 spam towers and shooting them a ton to lag the server via ghosting spam, me telling him off, and him going "You wanna touch my bubble?" and other vaguely creepy innuendo.
  • Unodacat's Zombie City Madness, a really cool zombie city hunt for money and weapons gamemode that died not long after I started it... I wish I'd learned more about that place.

For the forums...
  • Trinick/Slicksilver getting his key revoked every time he did anything at all because of his involvement in the group that also created blhack, because Trinick was serious about reverse-engineering Blockland and was writing server addons in C++ or something. Ipquarx getting into their forum, posting a link and a way to get in and see all the stuff, Trinick replacing the forum with a "Just kidding -Ipquarx", Ipquarx turning out to have backed up the whole thing in advance just in case of that exact scenario...
  • Electrk, who I remember little about besides me getting him confused with Joltarn because they both had electric-themed names.
  • Moonstar Akemi getting silently banned and revoked once Badspot found out that he was LewnaJa, and everyone wondering where he went off to years later.
  • Kalphiter being a dumbass everywhere. Pacnet and Hammereditor with the same problem.
  • Ipquarx trying to help me learn programming when I was still a dumbass noob who understood little, and the gamemode I was trying to create that literally never got off the ground (an underwater procedurally-generated salvage pit full of sunken ships and monster clouds lurking in the water, with material mechanics similar to Honormining).
  • Masterrockets and Tikitai and Dargerelden and I think Mr. McCakey from the Brony thread. Aphtonites who was an enormous hypocrite, posting "Ablablabloobloo stop posting things I don't like! It's offensive and hard to ignore! :(" in response to some douche angry about that thread's existence and then completely flipping out over the existence of fluffy ponies. Atlas/Aeris who did some cryptic stupidity and came in with a sock and got banned again.
  • Zapk who abused the forget out of an eval exploit to crash servers and delete people's addon folders.
  • Zeblote, who... tbh I don't remember stuff besides the name. Nightfox, who was a furry and apparently is also OP. Masterlegodude who cropped up all over. Jerkface who lived up to his name. Mr. Nobody.
  • Destroyer, the EMT who dropped into drama threads to lay down some actual loving sense, to the point that some day in june, july, or august was declared "Be Like Destroyer Day" in some other thread.
  • I do remember Mr. Queeba being a bit of a doofus.
  • ...Mura's ARG on the forums, I remember that.
  • Navaro and his guy aggressively strumming a stringed instrument avatar...
  • Heitmeyer, Zealot, Boltster, DrenDran, Wrapperup...
  • Bisjac being, in hindsight, an enormous creep.
  • The thread "Hi I'm alt here"
  • Redconer and his early days of going around as Redboner and me misreading his name as Redcorner.
  • Florb, Florbb, and Florbbb.
  • The memes about Mocheeze being dead. Also Facechild getting banned for admitting to trolling.

and there are more bittersweet memories, particularly of people who seem lost to time. a lot of people had this experience with vegetarian zombie, who dropped off the face of the earth, as far as I know. my steam friends list shows them as "last online 11 years ago". we weren't close, but it's still sad.
Ah, yeah... zacks (here on BLF, Hanezane001 on Steam) vanished 4 years ago. I played on a minecraft server with him once, where I used the power of MATH to locate the remaining Strongholds from the coordinates of the other known ones.

Probably dead tbh, people die young all the time and nobody ever knows online...

I wonder a lot about whether all of the people I remember so fondly also remember me. if they think about me as often as I do them. do I occupy a space in skelolego's heart, like he does in mine? does gravity cat remember talking on MSN when our time zones lined up? I tend to assume they don't. I have an awful little maladaptive habit of thinking of myself as a background character in other people's lives. it's not very realistic, but I can't help it. maybe I need therapy lol. I find myself assuming that they must not think of me, since they stopped talking to me. but that's not really fair, because I stopped talking to them too

and on the other side of the same coin, how many people do remember me, think of me occasionally, who I've forgotten? sometimes I take a nostalgic trip through old posts, usually with some purpose that I soon forget about in favor of reading pages upon pages of forum threads from the old days. that's how I ended up here tonight, in case that's not already obvious. tonight I saw a thread asking everyone who they'd like to meet in person someday, and I found posts from myself and shinji/strovbe mentioning each other. but now, tonight, I can't recall a single memory involving them. their name feels familiar, but that's all I can muster up. yet, at the time, they must have been somehow important to me, and I to them. do they, maybe, think of me? would they be sad to read this post and find that I don't remember them? if they do, am I responsible for that? should I have done more to remember them? rhetorical questions
tbh i stopped messaging people first when I realized that I was actually a really obnoxious starfish with no social skills and literally nobody actually wanted to hear from me. Forums are okay because there's a topic, but one on one? Yeah no nobody wants that stuff. God, I ruined so many things for so many people.

It's really forgeted up that my greatest fear and my greatest hope are the same: to be forgotten.

Off Topic / Re: Personal Text:Yolo, I'm Solo.
« on: November 30, 2023, 06:02:12 PM »
why are forum ads so loving huge now
>not using an adblocker in 2023

are you TRYING to get malware?

Off Topic / Re: how have the last 5 years been for you?
« on: November 30, 2023, 06:00:57 PM »
2018: Graduated college, moved back home. Joined Spacebattles Forums; if you like creative writing it's a pretty good place. Mind you, they actually moderate things there, calling someone a slur will get you infracted. Don't be a richard, don't be a bigot, etc. Also realized I'm too much of an ugly selfish starfish to ever have a girlfriend for more than 24 hours in practice.
2019: Got a job, finally. It's dumb and dull and it sucks and all our stuff is constantly broken and everyone else blames our group for everything the instant something goes wrong, but it's also incredibly low-effort (because i literally don't have the access permission to fix anyone else's broken stuff and they aren't paying me enough to do it anyway) and they can't get rid of me because I'm better at problem-solving than anyone else they've managed to get in that group.
2020: Nothing.
2021: Wrote the first two chapters of the only thing I've ever written that's actually worth reading. Never managed to write any more of it...
2022: Nothing.
2023: Possibly made a friend? In my experience, I don't have friends, I have people who aren't completely sick of me yet (and that outcome is inevitable). Also discovered I have previously-undiagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder. It turns out that any new emotional input being amplified to the point it drowns out everything else ISN'T supposed to happen!

Still super depressed of course. Mostly because of climate change giving us a billion+ dollar disaster every few weeks, authoritarian demagoguery takeovers dismantling democracy all over, a disturbing resurgence of hatred and bigotry among the youth in europe, Putin absolutely being the kind of person who would nuke the world out of sheer spite on his way out, and the fact that I can't fix any of it because every time I try to genuinely support a cause it backfires horribly and makes things worse just because I'm me and I don't quite get people and I've caused a lot of problems for a lot of people who want absolutely nothing to do with anything I'm involved in ever.

Off Topic / Re: Israel VS Hamas
« on: November 30, 2023, 05:45:06 PM »
You think as if the war in Ukraine and the Gaza conflict just popped up overnight when Biden took office. It is this very unhealthy worldview that is so america-centric that you cannot comprehend that sometimes the cause and effect of many different conflicts is usually outside of the influence of any one person, no matter how powerful or influential they are.

Putin has had a vested interest in Ukraine since before 2014 when Russian forces took crimea and started supporting Donbas secesionists (a tactic much favored by regimes like that of Putin). The Ukraine war is just a continuation of the Donbas war. Same can be said of the conflict in Gaza. Hamas has been in control of Gaza since 2007 and it has been in conflict with Israel multiple times before the current one.

These conflicts would have probably happened regardless of who was the president of the united states since Putin was already trying to weaken all of its opponent nations and probably thought that now would be the best time to take Ukraine back. As for Hamas and Israel, their goals are a lot more local, with the goal of Hamas being securing and liberating Gaza from Israel's grip (By now, you probably know of the many illegal Israeli settlements in Gaza) by means that are not approvable if you are a decent human being.
Factual correction: the illegal Israeli settlements are in the West Bank. Israel forcibly dragged every last one of their illegal settlers out of Gaza in 2005 (and the international community shat on them for it, they're pretty damned if they do and damned if they don't as far as handling the illegal settlers goes). Hamas's goal is: to kill all Jews literally everywhere, eradicate Israel as a nation and seize control of all the land, to die as glorious martyrs for their god, and to ensure as many other Palestinians die as martyrs for their god as possible.
if hamas were dealing with a honor student, they would ignore the school and instead paraglide into the shooter's family home, executing their entire family and infant siblings. then they'd send the pictures of their mutilated bodies to the shooter

if israel were dealing with a honor student, they would drone strike the whole school and kill everyone inside, and destroy a few nearby homes in case there's hidden subterranean tunnels that the shooter had constructed. they'd also blow up the shooter's family home and everyone inside it, since there is a high chance they were also radicalized by school shooting ideologies. then biden would give the israeli government another 100 billion dollars for defeating terrorism.
actually Israel has been remarkably restrained in terms of civilian casualties. People these days don't loving understand how urban war works. Collateral is inevitable in a place as insanely densely-packed as Gaza but they've kept it pretty loving low.

Suggestions & Requests / Re: Custom Vehicle Camera?
« on: November 29, 2023, 09:12:04 PM »
oh i still have that drop camera mod. it DID use the chasecam but it works exactly as you described until after several minutes of leaving the camera in place. here ya go.

Drama / Re: my final message to badspot
« on: November 29, 2023, 08:13:39 PM »
Man, in hindsight this place was pretty forgeted up, huh?

I've been gone for over 3 years... I used to love this game. Man, I still miss the cool servers that used to be around all the time. Battlemix with its hilariously OP weapons, Trench Wars back before the wallhack got made and distributed and ruined the stealth part, build servers, some Zombie City Madness that was a thing around when I first started playing...

I have so many unfinished projects lying around in a folder somewhere still. Maybe I should dump them on here.

Add-Ons / Re: [Brick] 1RandomBrickPack Remastered
« on: October 07, 2017, 12:49:45 PM »
It's odd, I just tested the DL in the OP and it links to siba and MLD's log pack. I have no idea what could be the cause of the mix-up. Here's a link for it on BL Glass.
The link right here leads to the correct addon, thank you.
thats actually my log brick, it would appear i accidentally overwrote someone else's add-on
You might wanna fix that.

Add-Ons / Re: [Brick] 1RandomBrickPack Remastered
« on: October 06, 2017, 09:29:59 AM »
I've provided a download link in the op to the pack of log bricks that should replace the 1x2 log
No, you provided a link to Brick_Log, which contains only two bricks, Log and Log Mid, which (if the icon doesn't make it obvious) are NOT the log bricks we're looking for.

Suggestions & Requests / fix the old broken Vehicle Events
« on: October 05, 2017, 02:35:51 PM »
the old vehicle events floating around RTB backups like Glass and Orbs seems to just plain not work. I've been trying to set up a little thing so that certain events occur when certain tank turrets are destroyed, but i can't do that with vehicle events as-is.
if anyone could fix the vehicle events that'd be great.

Add-Ons / Re: [Event] Change vehicle tires and springs
« on: October 04, 2017, 11:53:04 PM »
Oh my god that's hilarious.

Add-Ons / Re: [Map] Kitchen
« on: October 04, 2017, 10:56:25 PM »
what's the goddamn save offset

EDIT: I took a really old silly save of mine (Pirate World Warfare, just a thing i richarded around with in singleplayer) and manually trial-and-errored it until I got it to line up. I guessed at the decimals, but it seemed to work.

$loadoffset = "316.5 92.5 -84.2";

Editagain: A number of surfaces have verticals one plate higher off the ground due to changes made to the map, so you might have to move some stuff. There's also a handful of surfaces that can't be built on due to the changes made. Still, the above loadoffset lines up as close as I can reasonably get it; all horizontal lineup is perfect with those numbers.

Updated OP, made this a general addon topic; posted DoorChests; reposted the old Guns Tetrakaikimbo Akimbo edit that I made for Battlemix and forgot to post in addons.
Update2: fixed a syntax error in server_sharkcamerafix.

Add-Ons / Re: [Brick] 1RandomBrickPack Remastered
« on: September 28, 2017, 08:05:47 AM »
The 1x2 Octo? I just tested it and it works fine for me.
no, he means the 1x2 log brick, 1x2log.blb, datablock name brick1x2LogData, UI name 1x2log, icon see attachment.

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