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Author Topic: Kashik's Map Pack! (New Map!)  (Read 35269 times)

0_0 so pretty XD lol

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you should try to remove the new map part on your topic until you really get a new map.  keep that up for a few days and then take it off

"ColladaIslands" Pic is a picture of "Planet Earth" map.

You sir, fail.

Wow, are you loving retarded, that is obviously not a picture of the "Planet Earth Map"...

I'm not saying the map is stuff, (Cause i was there and it is awesome.) but you gotta get your eyes checked.

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epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heres a cookie :2  :cookie:
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 Re: Kashik's Map Pack!
February 19, 2010, 07:24:20 PM    


1 map in map pack.

Still, not a terrible map.
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jeez some people are just starfishs :P they dont respect anyone under theyre skill level and they dont care about anything except perfection :P now what sounds better actualy helping someone get better or yelling at them till they leave the game all together oh and also just for fun

oh and one more thing Just because the Map/Addon/FaceDecal/Etc is bad doesnt meen you should be some angry jerk who doesnt know a single thing about being Mature

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I have one thing to say about these maps....