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Re-posted because the original topic was too old.

I have seen many sites implement an articles section on the main site, or as a child board on their forums. It's basically a place where people write articles about a particular subject, or even about random ideas. On-topic subjects could include things like 'Color Theory for Builds', 'Brick Measurement Theory', etc. I really like to read people's opinions, thoughts, and wisdom, so I think that it would be an interesting place to 'chill'.

Good idea. I think this would be perfect, only most of the idiots would come in and thinking they are funny or cool, start spamming stuff.

Here are my thoughts from the similar topic I created in general discussion.

I considered posting this in suggestions/requests but I thought it would be better suited here. I'd like to see a forum board for more intellectual conversations. I'm not saying there aren't any intellectual conversations in other boards, just that having a board made specifically for these conversations might be a good idea.

Also, do you think adding a list of supporters would be a good idea?