Author Topic: [BAN] - Blockland Alliance Navy: Later, buddy.  (Read 244194 times)

i should be back on BL within another two weeks

SC2 is filled with protoss playing friends who think its fun to zealot rush


Might I ask what you are referring to?

The Schrodinger's Cat of Blockland clans.

Haha i just got that...

I thought this was pretty neat looking when I was in admin ball (what with the sun behind the ship orbiting the planet).

Hey, I can see my ship from here!  :cookieMonster:

Hey, I can see my ship from here!  :cookieMonster:
You can see part of mine too :D

I can see part of mine too...


TheArmyGuy, I hope you don't mind, but I'm clearing your application ship from the server since it's already been judged. I assume you have it saved.
Of course I have saved , numorous times :)

So anything I have to do? Join a steam group of the clan or something?

Ace , forgive me.
I needed to clear some handicaps bricks , but i cleared the wrong ones I need to stab myself in my head fsfsfsfsfs
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I have a beautiful new ship idea. However I need to finish the recombinant.

Can I join? (I do realize that an application is needed)