Author Topic: Old rifles: Guns of the wild west  (Read 4751 times)

Someone should make rifles and revolvers/pistols from the west era.
Like the henry rifle, buffalo rifle, and other stuff.
these modern weapons dont cut it anymore and i need some of these things for one of my new RPG and Adventure.

Double Barrel shotgun?
Better yet, why not 27 barrels firing at the same time?

another bump cause people like the idea

Sixshooter/revolver has been done.

Sixshooter/revolver has been done.

the design is out of the wild west era

lol bring to top of forum

As I have said multiple times in my addons topic, if you will model something for me I will script it. That includes this and any other weapon/vehicle.

i also really want this done as it would be cool. i dont want it to be just another suggestion