Author Topic: Advanced Death System.  (Read 7092 times)

Just lock the topic.
and it's impatient.
You say potato i say patato.
And im trying the best i loving can but troubles arise.
I decided NOT to post the link in the first place because i was not sure of my self, that this add-on would actually work, and yes i do realize im getting flamed but guess what, this is straight from a-king itself.
If anyone dosent know what A-king is: Was a theme for all internet social life everywhere, ahem: A-king, a bad community based on non-stop drama witch indicates bad social material based on the community's judgement, attitude, and the overall lack of attention.
 Many of you don't want me to post this, yes i get that, most of you want me to post a valid link showing authentication, yes i get that too.
But i ask you this? Why would i post something for authentication if it is not valid and most likely crash blockland as it did mine when i first tried it?
But what many of you don't realize is that i am trying my best and you at the same time are trying my patience.
Now if you have anything to say after i lock this topic go actually play the game instead of buying it then hopping straight on the forums for a twelve hour period.
Thank you for listening, this topic is dead as well as my judgement for all of you.
You want to flame, P.M me I don't have care and they most likely won't be looked at but rather deleted.
Quotes: "Alk, i know this will most likely get finished, but can you please hurry it up?"
              "Hey uhh, if its ok can u give me the link to the death thingy?"
              "why did you bother even makeing this, or did you want attention?"
              "relese death system please"
              "Attention freak, you're not going to get famous unless you do something"
              "Can you release the advanced death system dude, i know its real because i was at your server -_-"
              "Release it now!"
Actually quotes from actual people, that's right, people.
You want pic's, i got it up well enough to actually show you some, getting them Now!

i'm not going to bother to read the above drivel and just wait as no useful pictures appear.

i'm not going to bother to read the above drivel and just wait as no useful pictures appear.
This, is where you are wrong.

Now, locking. Read the "Bable" Above.