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also, if regulith hasn't seen this yet
this could explain why she's been slow with responses and whatnot

haven't been checking her page, thanks for the head's up

Check this stuff out

where do you people find this stuff

are you stalking him or something

he's mentally unstable, leave him alone to collapse in on himself

I was glad he was banned for the hundredth time because I thought I wouldn't have to see his stupid face anymore yet everyone keeps posting his escapades and defeating the purpose of him being out of here
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Check this stuff out
Lord Tony has to be the most stubborn person of all time.

You guys know that's an old image, right?

LordTony: The movie.

Free popcorn on opening night :3

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>question tracked down and screencap taken within 8 minutes of it being posted
>LordTony - Member since: September 25, 2012

nice try cool boi, please die in a celestial fire

Aaaaaaaaaand linked to /mlp/. Enjoy your bronies, tony.
Aaaaaaand High five me!

I swear that was the same question, must've been ynotdrol

Tony wants to start a group to end Bronies? What happened to his Steam group he made? Did it crumble like half month old cookies?

you're welcomeeeeeeeee c:

I've probably listened to "Closer" over 10 times today. D:
it's nice drawing music

weaver's streaming, link is on his tumblr just in case he's drawing boobies or something

it's over

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I used to be in Lord Tony's group, until I realized it was a pile of crap.

I used to talk about Lord Tony, but then i-- *shot in the face*