what map sould i make next?

bedroom (bigger)
0 (0%)
bedroom radom version 2
0 (0%)
the slopes (with bigger hills)
0 (0%)
bedroom (with blockland brick texture)
1 (50%)
bedroom (lava version)
1 (50%)
the radome map >:D
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: happydude56's new map bedroom radom version (a map i will not release)  (Read 521 times)

this is my 1st bedroom edit heres some photos  :cookieMonster:

there will be more soon :P

another fail kida great map :P
i hope you like this map :D

i did not made the texteres [GSF]ghost did

Its Mr. Kleen. This map is terrible, like that slate map. Please make a decent map or dont make a map at all.
Poll: Do not make another map till you learn to make an original, decent map. edits are total crap. (Usually)
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ik this is a horable map ill try to make good maps :P

Thank you. Good luck on a map.

This is what I think of your map.

I'm starting to think you are a troll.

This is what I think of your map.

How do you know it's the elephant's stuff?


What inspired you to make such an odd map edit?