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Author Topic: Earth 4.0 - Vote  (Read 102789 times)

"A new beginning, for a new opportunity."
Chaos. The basis for life, yet the creator of death. Nearly 120 years ago, mankind left it's home planet of Earth to journey forward and colonize Hera, a pristine orb of beauty and calm. As with Earth before, Hera soon erupted in the greed and chaos of mankind, spiraling into an inevitable collapse of civilization and nature itself.

The failure of Hera brought birth to a new civilization, surviving on a relatively nearby planet, named Enduva by the Nogovian star-ship fleet. This planet nurtured life as-well, and opened up new opportunities for the human species. Yet with research in anti-matter and bio-weapons, chaos would soon erupt again. The wars would be bloody and ruthless, yet no leader showed restraint when slaughtering his fellow man, and soon, a need for peace would force major leaders to drop their weapons and leave Enduva, to find a new home for mankind. That new sanctuary would be found, and named Cerio.

2143 C.E.
2 Days is 1 Year

Many years of spaceflight have destroyed digital records. Many things, including many technologies that have aided and destroyed man for years before, are now lost in time. A final landing of the first Trejirmian star-ship on Cerio marked the day of a new era, and soon many other nations would follow. The nations that appear on Cerio would have little knowledge of Earth, or even Hera; but their parents would have told them stories about Enduva, and the malevolent lives they led there.

Many societies will form on this new planet, and hopefully the greed and corruption that has destroyed man thus far will fail to bleed into Cerian life.

The other side of Cerio is completely covered in water, with only a few islands that constantly flood and are inhabitable. We do need a flat map, if you want to make one, be my guest.


Nation Name:


Government Type:


Root Country**(Enduvan Nations Only):



National Anthem**:




*Alliances can be formed anytime, make sure to ask a country if it wants to form an alliance before adding it.

**Not a necessity.

*** Start out with 5,000 people. Add roughly 2,000 a year unless soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning major happens in your nation. You can lose population too, to disease or war.

Direc Empire
Honor of the Communist Republic
Republic of Iodine
Confederacy of Hermania
Tau Republic
The Armed Republic of Raest
United States of Peekarica
New Rome

Cerio Peace Organization

  • Use common sense. It takes more then 1 year to build a building, if you're building anything bigger then adjust your time-table accordingly.
  • Don't suddenly alter your populations or start wars. Build up to points like these with some roleplay or provide a background on why you're attacking another nation.
  • Weapons of mass destruction have been lost in the nearly century long flight to get to Cerio, you will not develop nuclear, energy, or bio WMD's until we're a few years into Cerio, for obvious reasons.
  • I will be picking a few nation leaders to moderate the thread while I'm not here. They cannot do anything that benefits their nation, to a certain extent.
  • Be creative with your nation, create your own flag, nation name, and perhaps build a history of it, giving it certain cultural traditions or religions.
  • Don't be an ass. This is a community game, even if you're at war with another nation, at least keep the courtesy to leave a gift basket at their door before you mortar bomb them.
  • I'll be editing the map as more nations get in, you outline where you want your nation, and I will add the official lines and labels, to keep the map looking good.
  • Due to recent issues taking up roughly page 60-70, these pages are considered nulled. Nothing on them happened, and further notice, alien contact is severed.


Cerio seen from the distant moon, Korin.

Thank you for everyone's patience in the creation of this thread. I am going to really attempt to make this a new, more efficient community game, and I am going to need input from you all. Post your nation's main post when you're ready, and then I'd appreciate if you gave me some feedback.
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Nation Name: Aeroian-Trejirm

Government Type: Par Populus

Allies: HotCR, The Republic of Iodine, New Rome

Root Country: New Trejirm

Population: 15,000

Capital: District of Aeroian

National Anthem: Still Alive

Languages: English

DEFCON Level: 3

Weaponry: Coming soon.

History: First Aeroian star-ship lands on Cerio in 2138 C.E. This would mark the existence of the nation, and a new era of hopeful peace and prosperity for all. Other nations would follow, and some would become more powerful with the alien contact that would later follow, but Aeroian-Trejirm would stay strong, and prosper.

Later in 2142, they would expand with many other nations, and the real fun would only begin.
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Government Type: Republic

Ally(s)*: Coming soon

Root Country(Enduvan Nations Only): Duck

Population: 100,000

Capital: Sarania

National Anthem**: Coming soon

Languages: English

Weaponry**: Standard military weaponry, more coming soon

DEFCON Level: 5

Story: While the spacecraft of Duck were out in space while all of the chaos was going on, the ship made itself to Cerio. Here they make new life and plan to learn new things.
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Nation Name: Solum
Demonym: Solumian

Flag: Statua Publicus

Government Type: Parliamentary Oligharchy

Alexander Oslo

Joshua Orlov
Robert Kentov
Caesar Iacocca
Issac Koslov
Nicholas D'bauio
Adam Rossi
Sean De Luca

Ally(s): Tingolia, HoTCR

Root Country: Novus

171,875 (+25% every year)

Capital: Domus ut Concilium

National Anthem: Il Canto degli Italiani

Languages: English (78%), Latin (17%), Russian (5%)


Assault Rifle: Ignus Javelin

Sniper Rifle: Ignus Remus

Shotgun: Ignus Pantheon

Sub Machine Gun: Ignus Jupiter

Light Machine Gun: Ignus Lupa

Pistol: Ignus Gladius

Rocket Launcher: Ignus Romulus

DEFCON Level: Level 5 - Least Concern

History: After the Novian mining outpost on WASP-12b gained news of the entire Novus population dying out, (besides them) they set off to follow other nations in their quest to the new world, Cerio.


Red Star: Domus ut Concilium (capital and largest city - population of 25,000+)
Red Dot: City with population of 20,000+

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Welcome to Deloria!

Nation Name: Deloria (Farken colony)


Government Type: Monarchy

Ally(s)*: none

Root Country(Enduvan Nations Only):Farken (Landed in landing ships)


Capital: Reteke

Languages: English, Russian

DEFCON Level: 5

Code: [Select]
Farken is a space-age colony on the barren planet Rhokna which is the size of a large moon, full of resources for ship creation and a large moon base called Civilization IV which also has a large space station orbiting the said moon. This base is home to over 75,000,000+ people.
Farken has advanced space ships which operate as strategic fighters but currently only have warp drives on massive cargo ships.

-end transmission history-
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Nation Name: New Rome


Government Type: Republic

Ally(s)*: Confederacy of Hermania, HoTCR

Root Country(Enduvan Nations Only): Not from Enduvan

Population(Max-200,000): 187,736

Capital: Roma

National Anthem**: None

Languages: Latin

Weaponry**: Does it really matter?

DEFCON Level: 3

Contact info:Frontrox

Back ground: After jumping away from the great Hera wars. The new roman civilization jumped from planet to planet looking for suitable placed to settle. Every planet they found was uninhabitable, or desolate. Many New Romans died from sickness, and starvation. The ships they lived on were not made for long term use, and many broke down. Leaving only the capital Fleet, and several life boats. Finally, they came across a semi habitable planet named Enduva, but sadly it was worn torn, and destroyed. After years of searching they come across this planet, knowing how Hera, and Enduva turned out. I was same to assume that everyone from Enduva came here.

Now the time to resettlement comes, as one of the oldest civilizations comes back into play.

About NewRome: The New Romans are very smart, and strong. They excel in Space ship building, and defense.
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Nation Name: Директива империи ( Direc Empire )


Government Type: Republic

Ally(s)*: None

Root Country(Enduvan Nations Only): None

Population(Max-500,000): 300,000

Capital: Hellot

National Anthem**: Anthem here.

Languages: Russian, English

Weaponry**: Standard Weaponry -


FZAZ-33/w Foldable stock for Rifle/SMG use

DEFCON Level: 4
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= Welcome to Cicreo =
A new home, a new hope...

Government Type: Elective decision

Ally(s): ---

Root Country: Farken

Population: 4500

Capital: Kelvic

Members of Court Official- Otto Stromphelt, Harry Saphros, Adam Heartly.
Information- A decision is made by the people. The public vote for the outcome while officials put in place and enforce the new decision that is voted in. The Court Officials are the Primary speakers but there are another 12 public speakers.

Languages: English, Finnish, Swedish

Weaponry: Standard Weaponry

-DEFCON Level -

Back Story:
To be written...
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Country Name: chestʹ der kommunistischen Republik
(Meaning "Honor of the communist republc" in Russian and German.)
Acronym: HoTCR

Government type: Communist

Ally(s)*: Raest, Solum

Root Country: New Porlaq

Population: 200,000

Capital: Serveik

National Anthem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRsiwBoUQPM

Languages: Russian, German


Ground Forces
**Firearms Infantry**
Heckler and Koch firearms
**Troop Transport**
M35 "Deuce and a half"
M1A1 Abrams (MBT)

The Royal Air Force
All Aircraft

DEFCON level: 4

Docks for frigates : 25%
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Republic of Iodine

Allied Countries: None

Countries of Origin: USA from Earth, United States of New California from Hera, Republic of Iodine from Enduva

Recorded Population: 38,000 and 2,400 recorded Tribals (estimates)

Government Officials:
President: Alexander Shepeard
Vice President: Sierra Liams
Chief of Iodine Weapon Systems: Richard Leone
Chief of the Military: Tristan Klas
Treasurer of the Iodine Treasury: Remi Polard
Government Historian: Polly Hipe
Chief of the Iodine Tribal Preservation Organization: Brittany Reyes
Head of the Tribals: Klat'ruk Tomplan

Capital: Shepeard

Languages: English, Iodine Tribal Language

Official Weaponry Produced by IWS: Leone B314 'Ranger' LRS (Light Reflection System) Rifle

Shepeard Alert System Level: 7 (High Alert)

Notes on the RoI:
[TRIBALS] The Tribals are a people dwelling within the center of Iodine, with their own language, unheard of anywhere except their camps. It took a long time for translations to be made. A small group of people considered terrorists by the RoI's government hunt the Tribals down and slaughter them. Because of this, small reserves have been constructed temporarily while a much larger one with some modern facilities is being created. After moving to the new planet, they were put into a reserve in the center of the country.
[WEAPONRY] The USNC were working on a vast amount of weapons to accompany their current ones, however, when the nuclear holocaust began, the personnel were in a rush to get aboard the ships, so the cargo ships that weren't being used as makeshift civilian transports were stocked with components, data and full versions of one weapon system. All further arms developed by the IWS will be utilizing holographic triggers and the standard highly compressed refined hydrogen and a small iridium nuclear energy battery contained in a fuel cell.
[LIGHT REFLECTION SYSTEM] *More to come on this section later* LR systems are your standard lasers, albeit with a harder-to-clean-but-more-effective system.
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Country name: Arussica
Flag :
Government type: Capitalism
Ally(s): New Porlaq
Root Country:USA/Russia
Population(Max is 45,000,000 for now): 8,000
Capital: Moshlavika
National Anthem**: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMZfXN1UOpw
Languages: Russian and English
Weaponry**: GHA101
DEFCON Alert posture***: 5
The Arussicans have left the other Earth and has established a new place currently making normal weapons (i.e. M16, 1911 Colt, etc)
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No one should have over 100,000 people. We got here in a little under 100 years, disease ravaged the populations of our ships, malfunctions destroyed many of them, this is a new start for the very few that survived.

I'll add all of you anyways.

Edit: I can't accept this:

Also Unwritten, you didn't name your nation.

Edit2: Also, no one should have their root nations from Earth and Hera on their nation post, as I said in the history, we remember as much about Earth as we did about Mesopotamia in current times.

I'll also need everyone to specify around the spot they want their nation.
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