Author Topic: My brother has comitted Self Delete  (Read 17799 times)

Death sucks bro, especially when someone you love dies, my favorite Uncle passed away not that long ago. ;-;

I'm sorry for your loss but

don't you have to support your family instead of posting a thread on here?
I already buried him

I already buried him
you did?

also, that doesn't mean anything really

you did?

also, that doesn't mean anything really
I'm already trying to support myself, and my family

I'm sorry for your loss, but everything happens for a reason. I hope to God your brother is in heaven right now...and not down under.
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Inb4somedouchecallsitattentio nwhoring

oh god what

Where was the bullet hole?

Sad, sad thing.

Self Delete should never be an option: No matter how bad your life, it's better than death.

"While life is full of possibilities, death is so... finite."

was the cooking that bad?