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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1243802 times)

IF horse got removed, don't we still need a 9th class? I only see 8 in the poll.

Scientist or riot >:c

we should act like that didn't happen
Runner was my favorite class :(

I always thought of that one class that all the tryhards play, that's why I dislike it.

I always thought of that one class that all the tryhards play, that's why I dislike it.
I just think of them being an annoyance and stalling

Name: CheeseAndButter       
ID: 45175       
Experience: I hosted a few server including Endless zombies Rising lava and others.       
What is my job: A admins job is to help people with question of sort. They make sure everyone is being nice in ways no cyber bully no trolls. I take this job very seriously.       
Why should you accept me: I have many idea including map ideas my main purpose id to help the server reach its goal and help new players learn what to do. I have been playing blockland for two years now maybe even more.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 06, 2015
May I try again? I have more exps and I will make it longer.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Taking it seriously sometimes is a good thing. Taking it seriously all the time is not. Map making isn't a reason of acceptance either. Buzzwords make me deny.
Ike: No
Xalos: Too short, too vague, and too nope.
Muzzles: No. You don't mention what you think an admin should do
Jetz: You need more experience. With Blockland, administration, the English language, writing, life in general, etc.
Ipquarx: I don't think you're taking this seriously enough, nope
siba: No
Aware: I actually saw your server in some previous experiences earlier. But unfortunatly, your understanding of admin isn't worded very well and your reasons to be accepted are fairly weak. No.


Name: We are toast       
ID: 30485       
Experience: Been admin on some servers for years but those servers come into the master list rarely.       
What is my job: An Admins job is too keep the server under control, make sure nobody breaks anything (Like the rules, game mechanics, etc) and make the server fun for everyone       
Why should you accept me: Well on most servers that accepted me as an admin, the players said that I was a responsible well-being admin and that they would give me super if they could host servers...       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 06, 2015

Trifornt - No - Experience not specified, decent job on knowing what being an admin is, but absolute failure in why we should accept you as a whole. You sound unconfident and the reason ends abruptly. It feels like you aren't trying.
Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Your reason of acceptance is unsure-sounding and is the old format of recommendations but you wouldn't be able to supply them. At least you know how to be an admin. Won't make me accept it, though.
Ike: No
Xalos: No.
Muzzles: No
Soroxzion: This is an application. Treat this seriously. No.
Jetz: You used your reason to accept you as a secondary spot for experience. Also apparently hypothetical experience, which doesn't really count. No.
Ipquarx: Not enough experience, all fields in general are lacking
siba: No
Aware: Yeah, some players like to kiss ass, they say lots of stuff that's inaccurate. No.


Name: Redconer       
ID: 33688       
Experience: -Kalim's Mini Empires
-Trifornt's Mafia Madness
-Visolator's Boss Battles/Deathrun/RPG/Survival
-Tophat's Dev
-TheBlackParrot's Falling Platforms
-Swollow's 4th of July
-DragonoidSlayer's Deathrun
-BlueDryBones1's Boss Battles
-Kong133's Deathrace/Trench TDM
-Blake1's Simon Says
-NuclearNacho's Endless Zombies
-Zix's Randomizer
-Wrapperup's Crouchrace/Randomizer/Bedroom
-Crispy_'s Disease
-Yoke's Parkour Knife TDM
I also have experience in real life in instructing students in my father's martial arts school.       
What is my job: Of course its not the opportunity to spread havoc, it is my duty to monitor the flow of activity in a server, to display myself as a role model for others, to cleanse any unwanted disasters, to keep an iron stabilizer to prevent a server to collapse. I also believe in helping out players that ask any question.
Why should you accept me: Administration is not a toy in my hands. Its equivalent to a tool that is being used in a proper manner when I'm monitoring a server. One of my important tasks is to peer carefully and cautiously around the gameplay and chat. I unearth any eyewitnesses and evidence of a problem, but I let the issue run to see if it dies out or not (either way, I come out to stop a situation). If it doesn't, my instinct is to look into the problem to see what/who is in guilt. My punishments rise after my warnings, both depending on the size of the player's flaws and if they're repeated offenses. If I decide to clear a ban, I discuss other administrators to determine whether or not to dispatch it, based on the victim's actions with explanation. My second objective in a server is to regulate entertainment. Even though I have a serious side, I contribute different varieties of interests and amusement to a server and its players. Whenever I sense heavy boredom roaming around, I terminate it with clever and laughable ideas filling in. Now about my minor tasks, one of them is to wipe any flaws in a map, and there's a possiblity of me requiring additional assistance from a fellow staff member. During the process of repairing mistakes, I harvest notable previous content from the entity being modified that is worth for future use. Another minor objective of mine is to report anything that I am unable to comprehend to a higher ranked staff member. There will be the rare times where a situation makes it impossibile for regular admins to handle with ease, which would require me or another admin to call him assistance with more unlocked powers.
Moving on from my activites to my characteristics, I am a person who is an early bird and a night owl, depending what day it is. Whenever its the morning and there aren't any admins to patrol (except when Tophat is around, but he's usually exhausted as hell), I am the closest person to look around the server. When the time is late at night, I can stay in the server for a long period of time. Like Andrew Jackson, I may be a hothead, but I am a determined and a strong leader. However, there are some cons that I have. For one thing, I do not take jokes that feel uncomfortable to me, such as a false statement like, "the acid pool heals you" with a "jk" at the end, and others that are plain stupid. Another issue is anger, my rage can convert me from a unique leader to an enraged national socialist. Its very sad for me to admit that it causes me to ignore my thought process of a situation and just drive it into the cliffside of chaos. On the bright side, there are some who can break my curse, and it can be anyone. Many people favor me to continue on with my administration and entertainment, and they want me to be kept in this place.       
Timezone: central       
Date: Mar 09, 2015

Trifornt - No - All this intravenous stuff is no good for you. Stick to smoking.
Ry: No do overs. Nice try.
Frontrox: Uhhh...
Tophat: No. I'm going to do this one step at a time. First of all, you cannot put my 'dev' as experience because I gave you admin for the sole reason of using the orb and I had to keep it together anyways. I do not recall you having admin at BlueDryBones1's either, since I was a super admin of his server, so I was there often. Trifornt's mafia madness? I went there every time save for a few, I never saw you have admin nor even come into the server.  You say that you're hot-headed, but in my experience you convey this taking it out on players, rather than rethinking what you're getting angry over. Even people who don't mean to anger you cause the same effect, who you've requested to be removed from the server even though they've done no harm. The first time you acquired admin and then promptly a de-admin, I felt you lied to me just so I would recommend you. To me, you felt like an ideal admin, discovering everything else after the fact. I can't say you've changed much from then, either. Do you throw a dart at a wall covered in punishment notes to deal with players when no other admins are on? Because that's what it felt like. As soon as someone cracks a joke at you, or anyone else, you get set off, want them gone and forget anything you've said here. No thank you.
Ike: No
Xalos: You've been accepted before.  Then, you proved such a bad admin that we had to de-admin you.  I also happen to know Visolator, who says he would not recommend you for admin.  I'm giving this a big fat no.
Soroxzion: I don't know. Honestly. So I'm going with the majority. No.
Jetz: If there's one thing your dramatic tone, lack of concision, and choice of words says about you, it's that YOU'RE ACTUALLY AN EVIL ROBOT TRYING TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY. Like seriously look at this: "During the process of repairing mistakes, I harvest notable previous content from the entity being modified that is worth for future use." You made the meaning of that absurdly flexible and the result is that it looks like it was written by someone from space posing as a human. On an unrelated note you'd probably be pretty good at programming in Java. No.
Ipquarx: Sorry mang, but I just can't trust you and the way you wrote this doesn't ease my fears of what might happen, no from me
siba: No, your history is absolutely untrustworthy in an administration situation
Aware: I don't think anyone has ever mentioned this to you, but when you were "accepted" last time we had a debate. By the end of the debate and we agreed that you would secretly be a trial admin for a month and then we would decide if you were to stay admin. We never decided at the time a month came, and unfortunatly, you kept your place as admin. It is no secret to us that you created the maps in hope that you would become admin again. You had your chance at admin and you let us down, and the people who supported you down more than anything. No.


Name: Ahead       
ID: 33159       
Experience: Nails' Prison Escape (server currently remade)
Anthonyrules144's Speedykart (used to)
Prince Jay's Boss Battles (been there with Tophat, currently defunct)
Visolator's Private Servers
My own server (tinkering with builds, scripting with the add ons sometimes)       
What is my job: An admin's job is to take care of the server, moderate everyday, and have everything balanced at a fair rate.       
Why should you accept me: I've had experience with playing Blockland since I purchased the game in 2011, and I know my rights (Well sometimes.)
I have a friend here named Tophat who is super admin at your server, and I have worked with him in Prince Jay's server since 2013-2014.
I also have another friend named Visolator who is regular admin. I have also known him since 2012.
I moderate most the time,(preferably 3:30-11:00) balance things out, and have very much experience since I first played this server when I bought Blockland (2011).
I take care of things most of the time, often when there is a server issue, at a major rate.
I've been encouraged by Tophat (No, this does not mean recommendation)to do this because I talked to him, he says that not always everyone gets in.
I do go AFK sometimes,(I'm taking a technology class, so I have to focus on work) so I can't guarantee that I can go on everyday.
I am a fair player, I follow all rules(because why not), listen to higher ranks, and does what is told to do.
I hope looking forward to working with you and your team.
P.S: I do go a bit on suspicious behavior, though. But it happens rarely, though.       
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Mar 09, 2015

Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Honestly, it seems a bit...shady. The P.S at the end threw me off as well. Experience is possibly questionable too. No one's expected to be at the server all of the time either. Sorry, it has the wrong feel to it but I still understand the direction you meant to go.
Ike: No
Xalos: Again, I personally know Visolator, and he would not recommend you for admin.  No.
Soroxzion: No.
Jetz: Just because we removed the recommendation section from the application doesn't mean you shouldn't collect them. Dropping Tophat's name might have helped you out if he actually approved or recommended you. No.
Ipquarx: Suspicious = not good, no from me
Aware: No, name to similar to mine. In all seriousness, the "what is my job" section is a little lacking. Is the P.S at the end saying that you watch for suspicious behavior or that you have suspicious behavior, it's pretty unclear. You probably shouldn't have a "P.S" at all and just work what you wanted to say in it into your "why should you accept me" paragraph so that it is clearer and better constructed.


Name: Roli       
ID: 30570       
Experience: 2015.03.10       
What is my job: I'll ban cheaters/jerks/rulebreakers
I like the server
I want to help the server
a nice regular
I answer the question
Why should you accept me: Not much I can see the server administrators
I preserve the server Like: 1,2,3 Hours
Thanks you
Timezone: europe       
Date: Mar 10, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. :(
Ike: No
Soroxzion: Effort is needed to become an admin here. Please try again. Denied.
Jetz: Tried to decide how to reply before I realized spending more than fifteen seconds on this would be putting in more effort than you did. No.
Ipquarx: um   no
Aware: Uhh... is this a serious application? I hope not.


Name: Archeus       
ID: 149585       
Experience: I have been admining one of my friends RP server for a while now, and i have been keeping it under control, and helping people when they need it.       
What is my job: To keep the server under control, and to help people. Also, keep the rules under control if they are getting out of hand.       
Why should you accept me: Due to i can spot rule breakers easily, and wont ban if they would be annoying. Also, i would help people anyways cause i am a admin when this is accepted (not like im begging for it, im not).       
Timezone: pacific       
Date: Mar 11, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: Nope.
Tophat: No. So you can spot a rule breaker, but won't ban them if they're annoying. You're also not begging to be admin, so you thought you'd include that in the application...why?
Ike: No
Xalos: WHEN this application is accepted.  Not if, guys, WHEN.  Looks like we have to accept it now.  No.
Jetz: I've never known the rules to get out of hand, just the players who are supposed to follow them. What kind of administration abilities would that require? No.
Ipquarx: Aren't you that forum spammer? Archeus forgets stuff up? No thanks.
Aware: Ehhhhhhhhhh admining on an RP server? What's your friend's name? You should mention the name. You should spend a little more time on your application so you can construct your sentences better.


Name: Soule       
ID: 34107       
Experience: - /Ty's City Rpg
- My own server (Used to host Boulder dash while Brotatoe's was down)
- Zix's Randomizer DM
- Bladeboy's Boss battles + Mini empires (He is a friend)
I am not sure if this counts since i barely remember this but back in either v20 or v21 I used to be a temp admin on a deathrace server (with stunt planes)       
What is my job: Now here comes the part where i'm probably gonna be shot down.
Simple as this:
An admin's job is to in this case. Ban rulebreakers, Read other reviews (maybe)? and help around on the server. (And /Togglegizmo) (Sorry i just had to do it)       
Why should you accept me: I am fun and energetic while also managing to be serious when required to. I may seem like one of those people you would shoot down and never consider but while my application may not seem like much i have potential to be a Admin to live up to the requirements. The reason why I think I would be a good addition to the team is because during my timezones the only admins i really see on are Pecon7, Tophat and Aware. But who knows, I could be wrong. One main reason why i am applying is because of the amount of rules that are broken during when admins aren't on. And i intend to atleast lower that amount.       
Timezone: australia       
Date: Mar 12, 2015

Frontrox: No
Soroxzion: I know a few things about you, oh and believe me you're not going to get the chance to take this server down. No.  :)
Tophat: No. If you think you're going to be shot down, you're probably going to be shot down. I feel like you were playing around with the application, not really taking it seriously.  Experience is a bit iffy, seeming a bit strict by your wording although I know you wouldn't be to that degree. We know we've had a lack of admins, and while we do want more it doesn't mean it scores anyone extra for realizing this. Sorry.
Ike: No
Xalos: No.
Jetz: Another good example of an app where you could scramble all the sentences and lose almost nothing. No.
Ipquarx: "Experience: - /Ty's City Rpg" Nope. /Ty is a piece of stuff that tried to sell a backdoored addon (for real money, and then got banned for it), then went ahead and distributed it anyways. He then abused admin at another server to draw attention to his own, and it's been proven time and time again. (He even got permabanned a 2nd time too I believe.) Accepting admin at his server is an immediate blacklisting. Don't even have to read the rest.
Aware: "(And /Togglegizmo) (Sorry i just had to do it)" uhhh okay then, moving on... Yes, more admins on the server would mean less rules broken when admins aren't on the server. Ipq's comment disturbes me even though I have no idea who /Ty is. No.


Name: yawa200       
ID: 17399       
Experience: I've been admin on many servers (alot of friends) I've been admin on MasterChief's Deathrun and moderator on alot more on minecraft and other games.       
What is my job: an admin's job is to make sure nothing is wrong with the server everyone's having fun making sure everyone follows the rules and to make sure no one is spamming, caps, ect.       
Why should you accept me: You should accept me because I've always wanted to help others and make sure things go how they should and to see if everyone is doing their part.       
Timezone: eastern       
Date: Mar 12, 2015

Ry: No - Insert generic "you tried" statement that ends with "too short" here.
Frontrox: No
Tophat: No. Sounds more like a group meeting than an admin application.
Ike: No
Soroxzion: One. More information needed. Two. Take your time in making appplications. Three. No.
Jetz: Nothing in this application is specific to Boss Battles. The reason to accept you isn't even specific to being an administrator. No.
Ipquarx: Application is extremely lacking
Aware: Time is required for applications. If you can't spend the time to fill out a worthy application, then you don't deserve admin. No.


May i try again? i have more exps. I will also make it longer
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Why did you quote the entire thing

Either way, you can reapply anytime you want, but I sugest wait for long periods of time, spending it to get some experience

Its been 4 years since I lost the Jonathant1 key ingame. For some reason it decided to show up in my loving email which is great since I can just use my original name ingame if I wanted. The problem is, my current progress is on my Akuryo account, so Im not sure if its possible to do a data transfer of my Boss battle titles to the original.