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Author Topic: Boss Battles - Six years...  (Read 1436716 times)

How many donations do you get? Enough to cover the cost of the hosting service?

How many donations do you get? Enough to cover the cost of the hosting service?
Generally, yes. There is no trend for it, they just happen sometimes.

the bubble gun is cool looking :)

Add wall health kits back, it's a space ship, it should have some first aid kits or something

Add wall health kits back, it's a space ship, it should have some first aid kits or something
There is a medic class for a reason. The wall health kits would render the medics virtually useless and put more of a challenge for the boss.

Not having health kits promotes greater teamwork since somebody has to be the medic and work to help their teammates. The other teammates also should protect the medic.

Not having health kits promotes greater teamwork since somebody has to be the medic and work to help their teammates. The other teammates also should protect the medic.
Also, having healthpacks means people have to put less effort and don't need to try, whereas people don't like to be medics cause their all point whores.

One major thing I liked that someone has changed, is the way the Environment looks. It brightens up the whole map and adds more vivid detail.

Name: Mango
BL_ID: 32406
Previous Experience Administrating: YoungRotations, Cowboy6, Gunner, Lamebro1, Wrapperup, Mold. I think that's it.
Who recommends you?: Silicon cactus(I believe so he loves me.) YoungRotations, Wrapperup, Mold and .:[Spacebar]:. .
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I'm not the best admin you'll  find, but I'm sure as hell I'm better than most. I'm pretty active  (unless I get stuck working) I love to play TDM's of sorts especially  Boss Battles. My past admin experience isn't a lot, but I believe this  would help me get a huge shot at learning how to administrate without  having to wait for approval of my actions by another admin. I guess you  could say fairly playing and kind players is my number one goal.
Your Timezone/Region: Eastern Time zone
Darren: I don't really know what to think of Mango, as he is very friendly, I don't think he is a great admin, I'd pass, unless you're looking for active members, then sure.
Danny Boy: Based on what I've seen and putting yourself down it's a no from me
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: http://forum.returntoblockland.com/list.php?cmd=view&id=32406
 , Its a no from me.
Jetz: "I'm not the best admin you'll  find" Thanks for shooting yourself in the foot so I don't have to. No.
Narkro: "I believe so he loves me" doesn't sound honest. No
Phantom Knight:Naw dis guy seems werid
WhiteStorm: Nah
Ipquarx: Sorry, but we want people who have good experience in administrating, if you're not that experienced then we would like to to get some before re-applying. It's a no from me.
Agent Creeper: Can't accept this

Previous Experience Administrating:
 My  own server, this server at one time, Police Manís servers, Yorktownís,  Cromedomeís, at one point Glassí server, and Iíve been admin at  countless others.
Who recommends you?:
Most of the people  from above, I already got recommendations from Lugnut and Whitestorm in  this thread on my last app. I could also probably get recommendations  from Crown, Peggworth the Pirate, Jasa, some of Yorktownís other admins  if I asked so probably IkeTheGeneric, Sleven, Ben Grapevine. Iím sure  there are a good amount of other people that would recommend me. I  havenít confirmed any of them but I bet if you asked most would confirm  it.
Quote from: Lugnut on October 22, 2012, 02:22:16 PM
i vote yes for him
Quote from: WhiteStorm on October 22, 2012, 02:37:10 PM
You get my recommendation good Sir.
Why should I accept you?:
As  admin Iím always reasonable and donít act upon stupid impulses. I make  fair decisions when it comes to punishments and when to joke with trolls  and when to mute them. Myself, I believe that the position of admin  isnít some privilege, but itís a responsibility to the server and the  host to keep the quality of the server at itís best. If you have a  server with stupid admins who on EVERY chance flaunt their position as  some form of petty domination that server isnít going to be the best(IĎm  not pointing it at anyone just giving an example). If you have servers  with admins who actually do things for the good of the server people  will flock to the server because theyíre tired of annoying, abusing  admins. Admins shouldnít constantly show their position and act as if  they should be held in higher regard than other players in common server  dealings. Iíve seen admins respond to helpful and insightful comments  with ďdonít tell me what to do Iím adminĒ when it was something about  how theyíre playing (Iím looking at you, agent creeper). I quite frankly  donít think thatís right. I try not to act that way as admin. So of  course, the admin IS in a higher position above the server, itís stupid  to tell everyone and show everyone it at every chance you get, in fact,  itís pathetic. When I administrate servers Iím not stupid and donít take  every joke with a slight hint of aggression or something like that as  personal offense. In fact, usually Iíll end up just joking with  trolls/whatever more than muting them and they end up stopping. I deal  with things reasonably, not too harshly or too soft. Iíve administrated  on hectic city rpgs with 30+ players all whining and screaming at the  admins so I deal with stress just fine. Iím trustworthy, wont abuse, and  so on and so forth.
CST -6
Darren: I thought Sord213 was already admin, even if he isn't I think he is worthy of becoming an admin. Yes.
TheBlackParrot: yes
Jetz: Well thought out. Effort is pretty clear. Yes.
Narkro: Impressive recommendations, and very detailed reasons. Yes from me
Phantom Knight: Seems good sure.
WhiteStorm: He gets a yes from me.
Danny Boy - Excellent detail - yes
Ipquarx: What jetz said, yes.
NeutralZero: He sound very responsible, I think he is Trust Worthy, Yes.
Agent Creeper: --

PowerDag / Niobium / Chromomania
Previous Experience Administrating:
 My own, previously this server, Bomb Kirby's server, among others I've forgotten the name of.
Who recommends you?:
Lugnut, Ayxrion, WhiteStorm (all maybes, might still trust me)
Bomb Kirby, Frontrox, maybe IkeTheGeneric
Why should I accept you?:
To  uphold a responsibility, and assist in making the game more enjoyable  for others. I have enjoyed this server for the long time that I played  it, and had chosen to undertake the responsibility of becoming part of  the staff force once before. Afterwards, I took the opportunity to  improve on management skills so that one day, I may return to duty.
Nova Scotia, CA (Atlantic Standard Time)
Darren: Yes, he shows outstanding efforts of friendlyness and takes inititive, from what I've seen.
TheBlackParrot: no, pretty certain you were de-admined at one time.
siba: Big fat loving no, I have a personal gallery of him killing players in the minigame on the server with vehicles and jumping around in a blue version of Kaje's mech.
Jetz: If you're willing to indirectly admit your mistakes in your previous escapades as an admin on the server by saying you've taken the initiative to improve, I'm willing to give you one more chance. Would improve our approved/abusive ratio, too. Yes.
Narkro: From the other admin's experiences with you you seem untrustworthy. No.
Phantom Knight:  Nope
WhiteStorm: Yes.
Danny Boy: No
Ipquarx: No, he was demoted from here for abusing once, I don't want him doing it again.
NeutralZero: If I recall you got your admin removed before for abusing it once, I was willing to hope you changed, I would go with Jetz on this one but , I keep hearing bad things about you. No.
Agent Creeper: No

Name: Ozmar
BL_ID: (New) 30588  (Old) 13753
Previous Experience Administrating: Jakob's, Sgt. Gary's, Cat123's Admin list reset, ninjaguy47's, Cysero's Admin list reset, {AI} Masterchief's, Owl's, a few more that I might have forgotten.
Who recommends you?: Jakob, The Dark Assassin, Sagacity, Sgt. Gary, Faden10, BlockLando, comedy101experiments, Owl, JohnFreeman
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I am a great builder, I have  built things for many servers, (I have more SA than Admin) and I do my  best not to abuse any admin. I would build only when have permission to,  and I will not interfere with the game.
Your Timezone/Region: Mountain Timezone, USA
Ry: Wtf, It keeps force entering me; Anyways, I thought this guy was on that list of hyper-trolls.
Darren: Uh, uh uh uh. Yes, wait, no. WAIT YES. YES.
TheBlackParrot: no
Narkro: Lots of recommendations, but not too much detail on how you're a good admin. Indifferent.
Jetz: Well done. You explained how you won't be a bad admin. Care to start on how you'll be a good one? No.
siba: "I do my best not to abuse any admin" sounds like he has a hidden compulsion....that can't be the right way to say that.
Phantom Knight: For some odd reason I never trustedyou as long as you were on blockland. . . So No!
WhiteStorm: Your reasons need some improvement but over all I say a yes from me.
Danny Boy: No - Reasons need work
Ipquarx: No, only you provide no real reason for us to give you the position.
NeutralZero: While you say you are a great builder, you are not making an application for building, therefor it is irrelevant that you said so, like Jetz said you did not mention at all how you will be a good admin, you only mentioned on how you won't be a bad one. No.
Agent Creeper: --

Name: Outpact (also known much as Areeb1002)
BL_ID: 26043
Previous Experience Administrating: WALDO, NOON, Dr.Diep, DazeDog, pop, Owl, Wrapperup (admin resetted)
Who  recommends you?: Many people i could remember some: WALDO, NOON, pop,  Kong123, Dr. Diep and Dazedog (and few more that i cant remember)
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate): As i said, im honest, kind,  and a great eventer/builder. I could help on latest updates or fix bugs  (Eventing problems, ect)
Your Timezone/Region: (UTC+08:00) Perth
Darren:Um, no. "Kong123" gives admin to anyone and everyone. I do host for him, so it's an exception.
TheBlackParrot: no
Jetz: Poorly written. The game doesn't use much, event-wise, and most of the bugs we do see in events are due to poor scripting. No.
siba: no
Narkro: You need to remember stuff better. No.
Phantom Knight: Naw since we only need me as da best builder! in other words you just said you would help fix stuff thats not broken so no.
WhiteStorm: No.
Danny Boy: No - Again reasons need work
Ipquarx: Once again, no real reason to provide you with the position. It's a no from me.
NeutralZero: No, you didn't explain more about how you would help the server, and by that I mean most bugfixes are done in the scripts like Jetz said rather than events.
Agent Creeper: No

Name: Haste
BL_ID: 32755
Previous Experience Administrating: TheKid, (Why... Some Freaking reason that I have is to test his Beta test)
Who recommends you?: TheKid, and Previously i don't know who recommended me maybe 5 or 4 idk at least
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate): Some reason they used personal  Treasure well "They SPAM Stuff if they were admin" (Like Crazy Stuff or  yes) Of Course like anybody else except one admin Things to do "Beta  Test" (Ugh, "i Don't know" who Recommended me my loving Memory lost...)  Exactly My brains (lost)
Your Timezone/Region: Central time (America) UST - On 6:00 (UST Central Time)
TheBlackParrot: forget no.
Darren: No, not enough PEAing
siba: Holy stuff that is funny.
Jetz: Wtf is this? No.
Phantom Knight: hahaha silly Haste you were supose to have recommendations not recommendation! Looks like you were hastey making this! So yeah no.
Narkro: Hard to read. No.
WhiteStorm: What the forget am I reading? forget no.
Danny Boy: No - I don't know why but when I read this it makes me feel like you have multiple personalities and they are all fighting for control
Ipquarx: Alcoholics Anonymous, call it. No.
NeutralZero: Admin apps are not for apping to Beta test, there are no special previledges to Beta Test anything, also your spelling is horrid, you sound very underage, and anyone can barely understand you. No.
Agent Creeper: No.

Name: Redconer
BL_ID: 33688
Previous Experience Administrating:  I've been super admin in Contrabass Drio's Freebuild, brt5568's  Freebuild, Mantax64's Freebuild, Rexbullwormhunter0412's server,  mitron46's FortWars, Smasher 5523's Freebuild, and someone's server that  I don't remember. I'm regular admin in Agent Creeper's Mini Empires,  Brotatoe's RC Wars, Agent Blue's Trench Warfare, PabloTheMexicanWhale's  Family Rp, Visolator's Boss Battles, and Prince Jay's Boss Battles/BF3.
Who recommends you?: Mantax64, Contrabass Drio, Greenbay777, Megamanxzero99, PabloTheMexicanWhale, and probably brt5586, Agent Blue, and Hater.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):  I want to maneuver my position to admin because I want to make the  server more supported I mean like I can't support it that much as a weak  donator. I also want to inspire the other people to get in this server  more oftenly so it can get more popular and more popular. This server  encourages me and I'll never let go of it like it's a precious gift.  I'll also encourage people to take a try on applying for admin to see if  they can be an admin. I'll try to get nasty problems or complainments  fixed as fast and MUCH as possible. I'm a person who wants to help out  alot of times for support. I follow the rules all the time and read them  sometimes. I'll use admin chat to talk something with the admins if we  have admin chat. Last but not least, I want to be a role model so it'll  make people wanting to be an admin. I'll kick people out of the server  that avoids afk kick because that'll be the only way other than afk  kick.
Your Timezone/Region: Central (Texas)
Darren: Redboner lol. Uh--- NO.
Ry: Admined @ Competition servers/copy servers, lol interesting. Considering I don't know who any of these people are that he's admined for, or who these people recommending him are, Nope.
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: no
Jetz: Way to open with a giant run-on sentence. The writing style shows effort, but the actual grammar shows a poor grasp of the language (or a lack of effort). Recommendations leave much to be desired, too. No.
Phatom Knight: No, sorry redboner
Narkro: Good details about yourself, although being admin at rip-off servers is questionable.
WhiteStorm: No.
Danny Boy: Nope
Ipquarx: You've been denied at least 3 times in the past. Unless you can prove to us that you've geniunly changed since then, it's always going to be a no.
NeutralZero: You have tried making an application many times, and your basically telling that you want to encourage people to be an admin rather than play the game, and then at the end you say you will kick the afk that avoid afk kick?A admin that knows would ban someone who is using an autoclicker. No
Agent Creeper: --
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Name: TeeJayBL
BL_ID: 26446
Previous Experience Administrating: Ninja brittonval's server, Mr.X's server.
Who recommends you?: Mr.X, Peanut3567
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate): Well, I fell I'm a really fun  person to be around. Im cooperative with players (not that any admin  shouldn't be) and a nice guy. I would make Boss Battles more fun by  interacting with the players, and helping out those with problems. I  love helping out in any way possible.
Your Timezone/Region: Eastern Time Zone (Indiana)
Darren: No.
Ry: Being nice doesn't make you good at telling people to stop being arses (A required admin duty.)
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: sounds way too vague.
Jetz: Your intent worries me. Sounds like you just want to forget around. No.
Phantom Knight: Like Jetz said i'm worried as well you would forget the players. No
Narkro: Could be more specific, and not much experience. No.
WhiteStorm: No.
Danny Boy: No - I read to "I fell I'm really fun" and just stopped.
Ipquarx: Your spelling mistakes and lack of information make me think that you really don't care. If you really do care, then put some time and real thought into the application. It's a no from me.
NeutralZero: I knew right that when you said "I'm a really fun person" that you will act "ok"for a while and then you would start to mess around with things on the server that people shouldn't even mess with. No.
Agent Creeper: No

Name: ShadowMist
Experience: i hosted my server but only some people came i helped my old friends server as well
Who Recomends: CptVaughn and some of my RTB bro's
Why?:  because i love to help and im live in a timezone when admins are'nt  usually on so i could kick/ban the bad people on your awesome server!
Timezone: South Africa (do the maths i'm too lazy)/ South of Africa (lol)
pls let me pecon i love your server and your work thank you for your great work!
Darren: I don't really know you, not much explanation, no.
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: no
Jetz: Poorly written. Equivalent of asking "cna i be ADMIN??!!" No.
Phantom Knight: Sure! Sure as in sure your never getting admin!
Narkro: No.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: No -Immature impression
Ipquarx: Didn't read past the experience section, it's a no.
NeutralZero: While it would be great to have someone from your timezone on our admin team, you are an idiot, you give the impresion that you are about 6 or 7 years old. No.
Agent Creeper: No

Name: Kimon
    BL_ID: 12155
    Previous experience Administrating:  I have hosted/administrated a variety of Roleplaying servers, including  one of bejack's chaotic apocalypse RPs. (No offense.) Chromo67 also  quite frequently hosts Deathmatch servers, which I am always there to  administrate and help out. Most recently, Chromo67 asked me to help  start a TF2 server, which became the third most popular server in its  Beta stage that day after me and Kolt put together the map.
    Who recommends you:
Quote from: Dr_Zegobob on November 18, 2012, 06:59:39 AM
I  totally think Kimon should become an administrator. He seems to be up  for the job and I know that he will do well. I recommend him.
Quote from: Redconer on November 17, 2012, 09:54:00 PM
I recommend him he's gonna get admin
    Quote from: zoren580 on November 17, 2012, 03:37:10 PM
I'd recommend Kimon.
Kimon  is a guy who really is willing to talk first and act later. He's also  got some pretty strong points when it comes to arguments, usually trying  to think in benefit of the server.
    I highly doubt he would abuse  anything, so he gets my recommendation. Even if things don't go well,  at least you gave him a chance and it'll be a learning experience for  him.
    Bomb Kirby:
I hereby recommend you
    Stunty/Pinkie Pie:
I  do recommend Kimon. even when he was being tormented he kept his cool.  He doesn't get angry easily and would be a very good admin. Also he isnt  a richard. This is Pinkie_Pie
Kimon  is a good guy who is willing to help out with just about any problem or  build on your server, he is responsible and only bans/kicks when  necessary and provides good ideas when people are wondering "what next".  Kimon recently helped me, Kolt, and Vision start a TF2 Map which became  very popular and I do believe he will provide the effort, creativity,  and loyalty needed by any Admin/Super Admin on any server.
    Air Glider:
I  recommend Kimon for admin mainly because I've seen his work on other  servers. I know he's a good trustworthy admin that only wants to make  servers progress in players and fun. I'm sure he'd be a great addition  to your administration.
    Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate):  Well I will start out with my attitude. For the most part, I am kind  and light-hearted, but I can easily become strict when it comes to  nuisances to the server. I would work to make the boss battles server an  exciting and enjoyable place for everyone, and will try to do what's  best for the server. My bans are never permanent, unless it is pretty  much necessary, and I give people extra chances. If they continue to be a  problem, they will be banned for an extended period of time. If I am  allowed to become an administrator of this server, I will definitely try  to devote a good portion of my free time towards watching over the  server and helping in any way I can.
    Your Timezone/Region: US Eastern Time
Ry: I like the excessive number of quotes and people I acutally know that are recommending him.
siba: Alright, he seems like a pretty cool guy.
TheBlackParrot: yes.
Darren: Yes. He sounds very up for the job if he's been given that many recommendation.
Jetz: Well written. Note when people hit space twice between two words. This indicates a trivial mistake when pausing for thought. It shows where they thought about what they were typing, and indicates some thought has gone into what they're saying. Yes.
Phantom Knight: A role play is diffrent from adminstrating as a death match, but you have enough experince to get my yes
Narkro: Recommendations are beyond impressive. Yes.
WhiteStorm: Yes.
Danny Boy: Yes, impressive
NeutralZero: While you have very great punctuation, by being specific with the quotes, and showing how you can help the server, you seem to think popularity is more important, while it is in a portion, being responsible for a server is more, and you do show that. Yes.
Agent Creeper: Yes, and also he is quite the Player I've seen on Blockland, plus he's very cool. So YES.

Name: MrLoganator111
BL_ID: 30372
Previous Experience  Administrating: Kong123's multiple highly populated servers, my 4th of  July event (I gained lots from that), snk12's Metro. RPG, AirGlider's  ThrowMod (Moderator)
Who recommends you?:
Known: RogueStatus4Life, Trifornt, Halt, Vision, bf3 bro, and Spikeman. (Those are the ones I asked in about 5 minutes)
Assumed:  Mango, Cowboy6, YoungRotations, Navaro, Kong123, Wrapperup, Whirlwind,  AIMgame, Blake1, -Tokerovin-, Furdle, GreenBay, Pacnet2012, Pass, and  The Administrator
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): I have  quite a bit of experience and I know the ropes of moderating a popular  server. I also get along with nearly all people (Example: I get along  with Furdle who doesn't get a long with lots of people) and I do not  know anybody that thinks I am an idiot. I believe that I would blend  well with the other admins, yet still have differences for more  effective moderation.
Your Timezone/Region: Midwest / Central Time
Darren: No. Althought MrLogan does take traffic very well, he can keep his eye on the server and I do like him, but I just don't think he's a Pecon7 able guy.
TheBlackParrot: no
Jetz: I'm sure a few people in history got along with Riddler. Not something they'd put on a rťsumť. No.
Phantom Knight: You don't get into the server for knowing the ropes you get in for knowning how many tentcals Squideey has, so no 4 u!
Narkro: "Nearly all people" sounds suspicious. No.
WhiteStorm: No.
Danny Boy: No
NeutralZero: Where do I start, well I will start on the fact that just having moderator doesnt matter, its an addon that simnply only allows you to perform functions such as kicking people, so that wouldn't count as one, second just being able to get along with someone doesn't mean your assured a #1 spot on the admin team, it sounds to me that you care more about just being admin. No
Agent Creeper: --

Name: Dr. Zegobob
BL_ID: 23620
Previous Experience Administrating:
I  have worked as an administrator for ShadowTitan for quite a while to  help him with his servers and to monitor the players. Spoons101 hired me  to help set up and manage his various servers. BlocklandNoob gave me  administrator on his popular hunger games server after I helped him get  it set up with the dedicated server software. TGCBlackcat had me as a  trustworthy administrator for over two years (and still going). I  applied for administrator on Snk12's metropolis and was accepted into  the server (even though it was quite chaotic), and I helped out there  until the server closed for awhile. Snuff gave me an administrator on  his own fort-wars before we agreed on me as the host. I have been  promoted to administrator on Altiris's server (which is currently  Dodgeball). Kalphiter gave me admin on his New Years 2013 server after I  helped set up the build. Zay gave me full access and administrator on  his new RTB hosted server (currently TF2 Lakeside), and I have helped  him get the server set up. Lastly, I have my own server (Kaphost) that  was (and still is) often frequented by 20+ players, sometimes 30+  players at one time.
Who recommends you?: People that have directly  stated that I should me recommended for this server and admin  applications are (list):
ShadowTitan, Spoons101, BlocklandNoob, Maze,  Zay, Snuff/Snuffers, Owl Citizen, Swat 3 (The Administrator), Enderman,  MrLoganator111, Redconer, Agent Creeper, Banette, Trifornt, Youtube (in  game), Name is Unavailable, and Tetrahedron.
Why should I accept you?:
   First  off and most importantly, I know that being an administrator is not a  "fun" job that makes the server more enjoyable than the regular users,  but rather a more stressful job that requires quick decisions to be made  to keep the server free of rule-breakers. I will put my job of making  decisions of punishment to rule-breakers over any game-play - even a  boss opportunity where I am in the midst of battle with the normals. I  know how make fast yet proper punishments to any user that is breaking  one or more of of the rules, and I know what to do in confusing  situations where the rule-breaker and another user are involved in an  argument. I also know how to end arguments between two or more people  well, however I will keep the punishments fair and proper when the  arguments go too far. I know the admin GUI inside and out, as well as  some other admin commands that would be useful. One of the ways I  administrate is by warning the user first if the rule-breaking is minor,  however I know when to give proper punishments to anyone who was  already warned or to anyone who is breaking the rules more severely or  frequently. I almost always give a reason for a punishment to prevent  any further confusion. I am experienced with large servers that hold  many players, and I know how to give punishments to rule-breakers  without anyone else's guidance or approval. Because I can be on the  server quite frequently, I can be online at many times to enforce the  rules even when other admins are not online. When the time comes where  there is a problem that I cannot solve with administrator abilities, I  will get the attention of any super-admin that I could contact through  RTB, and/or post the issue on the forum topic so it can be logged and  later solved. I know that being an administrator does not put me above  the rules in any way, and I will never try to get around any of the  rules just because of an Administrator title. I have read through the  rules throughly
and I know what punishments to give a user for breaking  any one or more of them.
   Another thing that I'm experienced with  is not giving any punishments for personal reasons to any user that I  don't like in the community or anyone I hold a grudge against. I am not  biased toward the people that I don't "prefer" be playing in the server,  and I give everyone a fair and equal chance at following the rules no  matter how much I dislike them. However when a user does do anything  that breaks any of the rules, I will give a quick an appropriate  punishment depending on what rule(s) they broke. As an administrator, I  do not punish users to show authority or power, or to win any arguments  that I have had with that person, and I will also refrain from getting  in or starting arguments with users or other administrators to prevent  problems and rule-breaking. If needed, I will do my job and end the  arguments instead if they get too severe. Another thing to know when  reviewing this application is that I have experience with moderating  large amounts of players by myself. I own a Kaphost server myself and I  have full access on a friend's RTB server, and I do have experience with  hosting many people, and also dealing many problems such as  rule-breaking and trolling. For example, I once had 43 players in my  server at one time, and I was one of the only administrators there.  However, I still handled the server without users breaking the rules and  I made sure that nobody was doing anything that could harm the server. I  also had many experiences on various servers where I was the only admin  online where there were 20+ players online, and I handled it well. I do  have a fast computer myself and high-speed internet, so I can be on the  server frequently, and I don't have many occasions where I lag out.  Since I am a supporter of this server and I have donated eight dollars a  few months ago, I frequent it very often. Lastly, I can be online on  some of the weekdays and many other times where no other admins are  online, and I can stay online longer
 and frequent the server more on  weekends. Thank you for reading this application and I am looking  forward for this to be reviewed and the possibility to have the ability  to help out by administrating this server.
Your Timezone/Region: Eastern Time (GMT - 5:00)
Ry: Too long, didn't read; will send to nexus to see if he passes the competance test, nexus is good at eating grammar derps. I read the word kalphiter recommends him on his app, The answer is nope. Kalphiter recommendations are like being anti-recommended.
Darren: CBA to read this bullstuff.
siba: holy loving stuff, alright, uh..
Phantom Knight: Your recommendations are really bad but you have a good history so yes, recommendand.
Jetz: Well, I actually read it, and it seems like a pretty standard application padded like loving hell. I suppose you have a couple good recommendations, and you obviously put some time in to it, so I guess you win a yes from me. Good luck getting enough of them, though. Yes.
Narkro: No because you forgot to add a conclusion paragraph.
WhiteStorm: Yes.
Danny Boy: We have a lot of applications to go through. When you apply for a job and if they ask for a CV they want something detailed but easy to read. Just because it's long doesn't mean its any better ~ No
NeutralZero: While most didn't read it I read it, its a huge word wall, but I was up two the half way point and I knew by then you would be a very responsible admin, now for future refferences don't make giant word wall apps. Yes.
Agent Creeper: He's quite the Admin I've seen on many High-Quality servers, and his maturity, intelligence, and determination makes me want to say YES.
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Name: Doors
BL_ID: 35887
Previous Experience Administrating: TheFemalePyro's Throwmod DM Trifont's Duck hunt
Who recommends you?: Me, Eveyone else, Your fans.
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): Because i want to keep your boss battles a happy server
Your Timezone/Region: Sence 2011-2012
Ry: Why is he a door? Consider this app shut.
Darren: No thanks, bby.
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: no
Phantom Knight: If you want boss battles to stay happy you will stay shut like Ry said.
Jetz: You don't even know what a timezone is. No.
Narkro: What is "Sence", and why do you think it's a timezone?
WhiteStorm: forget no.
Danny Boy: YAY lets all be happy and go to candy mountain!!!....but seriously no
NeutralZero: This app made me laugh, come on you don't even know what a time zone is, all you care about is having admin. No.

Name: Butt Man!
BL_ID: 35837
Previous Experience Administrating: On my friend's server, I often admin. I am also the biggest computer nerd home x3
Who recommends you?: Bladeboy (my friend), Silas, uncle ben
Why should I accept you? (Please elaborate): Because I'm the server as well and fun as possible trying to make.
Your Timezone/Region: Berlin +1
Ry: His name made me lol <<this , That's about all I find in this app worth noting.
siba: no
Darren: If this berlin person sprechen sie deuscht, weil ich bin finden das sehr gut. JA!
TheBlackParrot: no
Phantom Knight: We would except you but since your name is Butt i'm going to assume your an starfish so you wouldn't be nice to the players.
Jetz: No you are not the server. No.
Danny Boy: ICH BIN EIN SERVER - Just no
Narkro: Being a 3 times bigger computer nerd doesn't really make for a good argument. No.
WhiteStorm: No.
NeutralZero: You did not specify how you will help the server, also I'm sure nobody would follow an admin who's name is Butt anyways, maybe if you had a better name you would of at least gotten a bit respect. No.
Agent Creeper: Ugly (No).

Wound/Kojolika, Kel'Block, Blockaloni
Kel'Block, Mute, Night Wind
I  have had many experiences hosting and administrating for various  servers, varying from RPs to deathmatches and freebuilds. Many have said  I am a good admin or Moderator(On some servers). The only reason I ever  get de-admined is that the host or a superior admin hates me.
Mountain Zone
Thanks for reviewing/noticing!
Darren: No.
TheBlackParrot: no
siba: HAHA, wound..
Phantom Knight: HAHA, Juice...
Jetz: Glad you noted some people have allowed you to be an admin, then for some reason they decided they hate you. That or you're an admin on stuffty disorganized servers where people other than the host exclusively are allowed to decide who is an admin. (No, that does not include us.) No.
Narkro: Only because the super admin hates you? I think you haven't said the whole story, or are just rather unpleasant to be around. No.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: What is this...i don't even...ugh NO
NeutralZero: Just the fact that you didn't indicate what is what in the app is enough to say no, but then when you say the host or admin hates you I really know you shouldn't be an admin. No
Agent Creeper: Never.

Name: Revoltech
BL_ID: 39239 (No, I am not a Noob. I lost my old 7K ID)
Previous Experience Administrating: Peanut3567, Ozmar, Mutalisk, Kong123, Blockaloni, Cromedome, Munk.
Who Recommends you?: Allun Pentax, Ozmar, Mutalisk, Cromedome, Blockaloni, Peanut.
Why  should I accept you?: I've had a lot of experience in administrating  some server. Mostly death matches. I'd like to help out on a build quite  sometime. I usually get on for about 5 hours or less daily. I believe I  could do a better job of what others have been doing lately at  administrating. I really enjoy your server too. I'd love to help out and  administrate on this server. I'll be looking forward into that.
Your Timezone/Region: USA, Eastern Standard Time
Darren: No.
TheBlackParrot: no.
siba: nope
Phantom Knight: have to be a noob to lose you key/get it revoked. So no! if you can not be trusted with yourself how can we trust you?
Jetz: "I believe I  could do a better job of what others have been doing lately at  administrating." - If you want to accuse people of being lousy admins, you gotta be more direct than this. No.
Narkro: No.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: I read "No, I am not a Noob. I lost my old 7K ID" and made my decision ~ No
NeutralZero: When you say your not a "Noob" that lets me know you are most likely a BLID Discriminator, that won't help new players, also you most likely got your key revoked before.
Agent Creeper: --

Name:General R
Bl_ID: 16882
Previous Experience Administrating:
I  have had a lot of previous experience administrating, so i'll make a  list of the servers I have moderated in the past, or the present:
Visolator's(Super Admin) Handling difficult situations
Earthle's(Super Admin) Eventing
Chillax's(Super Admin) Moderating
TheFemalePyro's(Admin) Moderating and Eventing
WhiteBoy's(Admin) Building/Eventing
iBlok's(Moderator) Moderating
Agent Blue's(Admin) Handling Situations
Sr72blackbird(admin) Eventing/building
Who recommends me:
Dr. Diep(16235)
Why  Should you accept me: Why I think you should accept me is that when  admins aren't on and there is that one person that really pisses off the  people playing the game by spamming, afk boss, circumventing afk  kicker/e-tard filter, giving player positions, etc. I could be there to  put an end to their shenanigans by giving them a simple kick for "afk".  Another reason you should accept me is that i'm very well known to  handle difficult situations. For example, if 2 people are fighting about  how they died, or complaining of hacks, if one broke the rule or if  they didn't, I could settle both of them down by muting them, or kicking  them if they continue, followed by a ban. Another reason is i've had a  lot of past experience administrating, since i've been on Blockland for  about 3 years now, so i'd know everything to do and every little speck  of it. One of my other reasonings is that i'd always be available for  building, eventing, solving a situation, or helping out the many admins  of the server, say if they need me to come out of the mini to help them  work on some build glitch, or event glitch, I would help them by simply  exiting the mini to go over by them and listen to their question.  Another thing is I could have my friend go on and check if anyone reacts  differently when no admin is around. Mostly everyday, I can be on for  an average of 2-3 hours, so there would most likely be an admin on all  the time. My last and most important reasoning, is that I know that  admin is not a reward, but a big responsibility which I will put the  best of my efforts forth and try to put the most of my enthusiasm into  the responsibility of admin, and the server. I also know you have high  standards for administrating this server, so I will keep them high as  possible for as long as possible.
My Timezome/Region: CST/U.S.A.
Darren: No, this is just something made up,
Phantom Knight: Well since Dan says no I guess I should agreee with him.
Jetz: If you're going to write a lot, you have to make it good. We aren't going to dig through a load of drivel and edit it for you. No.
Narkro: Unless the experience/recommendation list is fabricated, I say yes.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: No for basically all the reasons above
NeutralZero: You are saying that if someone is just bothering you or if you don't like what someone is doing in the game you will kick them for being afk. No
Agent Creeper: --

In-game Name: Turfy
BL_ID: 30562
Application: Administrator
 Administrative  Experience:  I've been Super-Admin on many popular servers including:  Christy Redfield's Blockombat and Lolz??(now OrangeMan)'s Freebuild.
OrangeMan BL_ID: 26810
Christy Redfield BL_ID: 37699
Alf BL_ID: 7829
Noodles BL_ID: 34801
Radioactive Mace BL_ID: 28093
Quacky BL_ID: 37452
Ice Cube BL_ID: 11763
Peanut3567 BLID: 4830
Why  I should join the staff: I am a well-measured, trusted, and tolerant  person, so I would not do weird and horrible things like destroying  bricks, cussing out players, or randomly banning/kicking people, etc.  Also, I have never been banned from a server for more than one minute,  and I have held respected positions on many other servers as Moderator,  including Dr.Zegobobís Swordplay TDM. At one time I was also the  respected co-creator of a clan called Origin (dead).
Why I  should be trusted: I am a confident but humble person and I will  co-operate with and freely consider the ideas of my fellow admins and  not arbitrarily reject those of players. I will fulfill my reputation as  a trustworthy and knowledgeable person and will come to the aid of  anyone who is need of help that is reasonable and within my power. I  will use all my enthusiasm, judgmental tolerance and fairness to  moderate your server with care.
Timezone: EST
Darren: Yes. I think he's got what it- "Lolz??" no. NO NO NO.
TheBlackParrot: no.
siba: yeahno
Phantom Knight: Stay to your own turf Turfy! (yeh no)
Jetz: Generic. Plain. Did not follow the application, though at least that's a step away from how mundane this all is. No.
Narkro: I don't care that you *won't* do "weird and horrible things", tell me what you *will* do that's good.
WhiteStorm: no
Danny Boy: I think this was an excelllent appli.....AHAHAHAHA I can't even type it with a straight face....No
NeutralZero: Once again just because your admin on a popular server doesnt mean your a great admin, and just because you respected a clan member means nothing. No
Agent Creeper: Don't make me laugh on this (No).

In-Game Name:  Marioguy0
BL_ID:  7125
Previous  Experience Administrating:  Scattered Space moderator, active.  Aside  from that, I have built up experience starting in a freebuild server  that no longer exists.  Since then, I've been an admin on various other  small servers, including CityRP servers and others that have a one-mod  gameplay approach.
Who recommends you?:  Pecon7, Fastlex, Name is Unavailable, Gizmo, with a reference from Jetz to apply.
Why  should I accept you? (Please elaborate):  I am capable of locating  errors within the server's gameplay, generally because I like looking  for ways to break things so that they can be repaired before real damage  can be dealt.  Aside from that, I have acquired the ability to keep a  level head when interacting with other people, as not to give off the  impression that I am directly associated with the server in a negative  way.  My judgement is not perfect, and being aware of this, I will  almost always put forth a large amount of thought before taking action,  the exception being an obvious case in which the course of action is  very apparent and required to be immediately enacted.
Your Timezone/Region:  U.S. Central Time
TheBlackParrot: if your recommendations are fact, yes. otherwise no.
Darren: If Pecon recommends this dude, then yeah, defo.
Ry: Locating errors with gameplay and announcing them soudns liek something kalphiter does, and, he's a whore, so... Whatever, if pecon likes him, maybe he's kul, idk.
siba: no please
Phantom Knight: You have to think quickly before acting as an admin, so no sire.
Jetz: Since I was the one who encouraged you to apply, who therefore inadvertently ended up as one of your recommendations, I should probably abstain. Still, you're clearly dozens of times smarter than most of the other people on the server. Yes.
Narkro: If Pecon7 actually recommended you, I can't really say much.
WhiteStorm: This person would make a great addition to the server.
Danny Boy: I'm gonna say indifferent - You didn't really state much previous experience for me to consider and saying you like looking for ways to break things makes me a bit uneasy
NeutralZero: Everytime I go online I see you there and your always giving great suggestions, you are very bright and know rights from wrongs, I say yes.I really hope to see you on the team, once again. Yes
Agent Creeper: --

Name: Aeschylus
BL_ID: 12894
Previous  Experience Administrating: i'm very, very experienced with hosting big  servers like this, mostly with a slight teamwork effort with other  admins.  i've also admined some key servers like Dillpickle's,  Wehrmacht, etc.
Who recommends you?: i'm not sure, i'm pretty sure  you'd get the okay from Primm Zimm (Lt. Portal Freak), Dillpickle, Sket,  or any other one of my servers' admins
Why should I accept you?  (Please elaborate): because i can pop in and out all the time,  especially when there arent any admins on the server, and quickly and  efficiently fix minor problems between the people of the server
Your Timezone/Region: EST
Darren: Yes, but Pecon, don't expect him to do your GUI's, he can't even put the right profile on them, silly willy.
TheBlackParrot: yes, i've seen your server and you administrate it pretty well.
siba: hmmm....I hadn't payed enough attention to him to decide, I know I've seen him ingame, around, but
Fathom kNit: Sure!
Jetz: I don't know why everyone is saying yes. Looking at the application alone, I'm not seeing anything outstanding. By the application alone: No.
Narkro: You aren't sure who recommends you? No.
WhiteStorm: No
Danny Boy: Je n'aime pas du application (Is that right?) ~ Nope
NeutralZero: I don't know whats wrong with the others, the application looks very plain and isn't very discriptive. No.
Agent Creeper: No.

Name: X_X
BR_LD: 38675
Who recommends you?:the admins and the non admins
Why should I accept you?: I wont ban people for no reason ill ban them if they donít follow the rules  
Please elaborate: playing the xbox 360 a lot
Your timezone: easturn region mid-west
Darren: No, go eat my stuff.
Ry: Cool story bro, not funny, your face is fat, and you smell. If this were funnier, I might have considered giving him Rykuta's "Seal of stupidity"
TheBlackParrot: comedian of the year 2013. get the forget out.
siba: HAHA
Phantom Knight: Fu to the ck no!
Jetz: I told Pecon to collect the apps right after this got posted, because I wanted to end with this horrible one for laughs. No.
Narkro: Can't even spell "eastern". I don't trust it.
WhiteStorm: get the forget out.
Danny Boy: A joke/troll application that is funny for once. I can't stop laughing (NO)
NeutralZero: This looks more like a joke than an app, I can't help but laugh when he posted "playing the xbox 360 a lot"This is the Holy grail of bad apps. No
Agent Creeper: This honestly is a bunch of bullcrap, and the "Who Recommends you?" part is what made you get denied 100% of the tme. So NO.

Sord213 (5214)
Kimon (12155)
Dr. Zegobob (23620)
Marioguy0 (7125)
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Congrats Sord213, Kimon, Dr. Zegobob, and Marioguy0!