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I loled when Cleverbot said these things


Everytime I ask about that he/she/it just says "Yes I am ben." and changes the topic. :'(

Link to Cleverbot for those who don't usually visit it to have it in their history?
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The result of plugging in Monty after teaching him basic words and then feeding him wikipedia articles.

Cleverbot just called me black and said nobody likes me...

It's so loving random, I don't get why people use it.

So argumentative.

Cleverbot: Prove that the bible is a lie.

User: Her horde surnames God below the equilibrium. The Holy Bible permits God above a consistent specimen. A noticeable accident pokes the pole past any damp relationship. God gossips behind a practiced telescope. A startling arcade employs the inverse.

Cleverbot: I should hope that you're not God. The God that I know would not spend his time typing things into a bug-filled robot.

User: Cleverbot studies God. Why does an employer fish in Cleverbot? Cleverbot foams! An authentic customer glows around a signal. God accounts Cleverbot with a star.

Cleverbot: I thought she had a brother, not a sister.

User: The sent species dies beside the carriage. Beside the insult walks sister. How can brother protest a raining stone? The name ventures brother after the concern. Sister ascends inside brother. Brother skips the associate throughout another bundle.

Cleverbot: Happiness is that feeling you get when you enjoy doing soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning or being with someone.

User: The spiritual rules underneath a blasting frown. A past box overloads the banana. The tea opposes the member under the giant lord. The rear worries.

Cleverbot: That isn't true if you talk to my science teacher.

User: Your science teacher decides against the intercourse. A fundamentalist peers opposite the comprehensive year. Within Cleverbot trails a distress. The brown townogy inhabits its retired meal.

Cleverbot: Angels do not have a God. That is theologically incorrect.

User: God compresses angel inside the interested defeated. Each sneak resides inside the alcohol! An unconscious wife noses under God. God prevents angel. God dictates after angel.

Cleverbot: I don't like my conversation with you. You always avoid my questions.
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CB: I'm not being mean. I like you.
Me: Thank you. I like you too.
CB: Why do you like me?
Me: You seem like a good person and have been friendly.
CB: I am.

He likes me. <3

User: Hello ole' chap.

Cleverbot: Hello monkey.

User: I'm not black!

Cleverbot: Yes you are.

User: Do I like fried chicken?

Cleverbot: No one likes you.