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Stranded Pirate.

I went on a spriting spree

-snap because yosher mad-

I think I overdid it on the skeleton
I'll add onto this post
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several page bump and updated
Supreme Guy where is my ZIP
I said when it's done MENEN
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I dont know how to make endeavour chacrter, help please?

added three new doods, made them myself

did you forget to add these or do they suck
oh stuff sorry
must of skipped them subconsciously due to them being resized reposts
updated -- also, Hurrah! We have now officially filled the wallpaper halfway.

Remember, only YOU can prevent terrorism not ever finishing this

why is everything moving around?

why is everything moving around?

I'm trying to avoid having multiple sprites from one author in a row so I muddle them up every time there's a large contribution

it's alive!

sorry for the unnecessary stuff though

feathers hurt my soul
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