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Submitted to RTB lol


For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, this is the product of a script that was made completely by me. If you don't believe that I made it, then shame on you. I never held the pretense that I had made this by hand. If you believed that I had, then I apologize.

This script works by taking actual coordinate data from actual maps and placing bricks. The script creates cubes in a square of a specified size. At the moment, it only is able to create one cube per coordinate. This creates holes in terrain that is too steep. I am working to make my script automatically fill in these holes.


The beauty of this script is that it will work on any map, with any terrain. When I release this, the expectation is that people will make brick copies of their favorite maps, preserving them for v21 and beyond.

Beware of imitators! As I said before, I made this script completely on my own. I now know that there are other scripts that do the same thing. However, they do not operate the same way mine does.

Saves (H)
Alpines 4x4
Alpines 8x8
Colony Canyons 4x4
Colony Canyons 8x8
Fairlands 4x4
Fairlands 8x8
Freedom Fields 4x4
Freedom Fields 8x8
Slopes 4x4
Slopes 8x8
You can host them, build on them, do whatever. I encourage taking creative screenshots and posting them in this thread. Also, if you have some feedback that is not inherently obvious to me (don't tell me that there are holes in the terrain), please post it as well.

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Fellow Blocklanders,

I give you, THE SLOPES

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Nice holes you got there.

slap some baseplates under the main structures to get rid of the holey look

slap some basecubes under the main structures to get rid of the holey look

You can even drive your jeep up and down there :D
 But skis don't work, unfortunately :(

rock crawler this bitch.
that vehicle rapes terrain, it'll climb anything

oh i see how you did it
that's clever

oh i see how you did it
that's clever

What? how did he do it? I thought he had been chained to his computer for the past month

I can see a slight resemblence. The white makes it hard.

Pretty cool, tho

oh i see how you did it
that's clever

I was trying to understand how too, then it sparked pretty quickly.

As in did he manually cover the slopes with that stuff?