Author Topic: What coloring code does ME use?  (Read 7954 times)

I'm trying to recolor the lighting, and see the color codes in some sort of decimal, eg: 1.00000000
How do I know what color is what?

RGB color codes. First value is red, second is green, third is blue, fourth is alpha I believe. Although the red slopes glitch is caused by red and blue being switched.

I think it has soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning to do with that avatar color editing menu thing.

You can get RGB colors there.

(where you edit your avatar)

You can also pull RGB codes off a color wheel or a website like this:

Just divide the numbers by 255 and you'll get the decimal number you need. For example, orange (RGB 255 128 0) is 1.000 0.502 0.000, more or less.