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Lunia is a great new MMORPG.
It's not your average point and click MMORPG.
It's very unique also.
Website with more info can be found here:

If you start playing it, post your character name here so I can add you to my friend list.
Here are some screenshots.

Me in some kind of an amusement park.. sadly, not very amusing at all.
I managed to find some kind of a weird rabbit like thing.

OGRE BOSS! (I died)


Here he is in person

My crappy ranking

kicking some wolf ass

Using my super spaztastic skill

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Looks like a mix of graalonline and maplestory

wow this dose look good, i think i will download it tomorrow and give it a try.

The graphics kill it for me.  I'm loving tired of all this stupid anime bullstuff.

The graphics kill it for me.  I'm pandaing tired of all this stupid anime bullice cream.

I hate the anime MMO's. But this looks different.

mmmm edible mushrooms.

is this click and wait?

its a mash the left button of your mouse game.

0/10 I am definately not even going to bother downloading this.

hes wearing warrior pants!

it looks like a retarded rip-off of maplestory and WoW.

wait both of those games are rip-offs
like every MMORPG on the market.

its a mash the left button of your mouse game.

No, it's a mash your A, S, and spacebar keys at the right time to deal the best damage possible.
Don't forget to mash the 1 - 10 keys for your skillz.
Also, it's not that easy actually, it's very hard at stage 1 - 10 (Where I am stuck right now)

I can't stand click and wait games, and this games if really fun for me.
Also, ZOMG!
IT'S THE WITCH DOCTOR!  :cookieMonster:

*I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, I told the witch doctor I was in love with you, and than then witch doctor, he told me what to do.
He told me
Ooh Eee Ooh Ah Ah Ting Tang walla walla bing bang."

No it's not a mash anything. If you mash stuff you will get killed.

You do combo's.

I think here is one..
A.S.Space.Space.Space.wait. Space
That should hit them once, knock them up then hit them while they are in the air..then you wait and you jump up and stab them into the ground.