What should the Lunia guild be called?

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other (please suggest)

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My JskKnight is on Stage 1-10...he is level 9 I think

My JskHealer is on Stage 1-8...she is level 6 I think
My JskWizard is on like Stage 1-3 or 1-4..and he is level 4.

I am beating all of j00!  :cookieMonster:
loel, I got a Knight lvl 11, stage 1-10, I can solo the first 2 bosses, shroom and bear, it's the tree that kills me.
Oh, and Tails, what's your IGN?

This looks pretty standard to be honest.

Grinding.... noplz.

You don't really grind. You mainly just progress through it and if you fail...then you usually try it again until you beat it or you get a new level and you beat it...so you don't notice.

Also every MMORPG has grinding, it's just a matter of the degree of grindiness.

I prefer to take out level 100s with my level 23 thank you very much.

That could be possible, very unlikely though because better armor which gives you better attack requires a higher lvl, which will also get you better skillz.
The only game I saw where what you're asking for is possible, is Graal online.

Mystic Kingdom  :cookieMonster:

Heavily modded Continuum server, RPG, but skill plays a large enough part that we have had level 1 people killing level 100s.

I don't really like the style of continuum, I only play Trench wars on that.

Trench wars for the epic win.

Ok my friend got lunia

but when he clicks start game nothing happens

How did other people fix it?

Don't know, this is happening on my desktop computer also, my brother won't stop wining about it.
Maybe it's the computer itself that can't handle Lunia? I dunno.

U key for changing Camera View.

Now i know how to zoom in more!

i got this from their forums

2903  Fix game Run     

Control Panel-->Date,Time,Language,AndRegional(Xp View Mode)-->Add Other Languages-->Check on "Install East Files for East Asian Language"-->Apply-->Restart computer

 :panda: this, I'm bored, tell me what server and whatnot and I'll look into it.

It's pretty obvious.. US server.

sampapa am i right it is Runescape sucks gone anime