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"Guys, we need to head out."

"If everybody has their equipment in order, then we shall go."

"I saw Jack transmuting his supplies, and Lance relaxing. Menen, is fine. Shall we leave now?"

I am working on making sprite guns, I created a sci-fi shotgun out of this picture

Grab my bow and quiver from inside.

I would advise keeping the weapon sprites in the following resolutions:
30x10 (The resolution I used for the rifle)
10x10 (Small guns, pistols, smaller SMGs etc.)
20x10 (Compact Assault Rifles)
40x20 (Large guns)
10x30 (Bows and the like)

Like that.
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also where's duncan

*Menen conjures a railgun

Purple: Are we all ready to go?

Check to see if the laser rifle has adequete charge, then proceed out the door
After grabbing a rave grenade

*Alexia reloads laser rifle and packs ammo

Purple: Ok, everybody is here except for Jack.
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