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|| About

   Blockoworld is an annual in-game convention about anything Blockland related.

|| When?

   Blockoworld will open this Saturday, August 18th!

|| Staff

   To apply to be a moderator or admin, please contact me by pm, steam, email, or in-game.

   Current Staff:
      [Host] Munk
      [Co-Host] TheBlackParrot
      [SAdmin] Nullable
      [SAdmin] Paraplegic
      [SAdmin] Jirue
      [Admin] Evar678
      [Admin] Nexus
      [Admin] Boom
      [Moderator] Kel'Block
      [Moderator] Pecon7
      [Moderator] Gizmo
      [Moderator] Jincux

|| Media

   Some of the entrance.

   Pass' Neighborhood TDM slot.

|| Frequently Asked Questions

   Question: What do you mean a project?
   Answer: By Project, I mean anything in Blockland that you are working on. Say you are creating a new gamemode and want to show of part of the build or game you are making, you can do that here! Or if you are making a add-on/mod that you want to bring awareness to.

   Question: What happened to TomTheGeek running Blockoworld?
   Answer: View this post:
Quote from:
We handed off BlockoWorld to Munkey, the hoster of BlockoCon, because I am planning on doing many many things after.

We hoped to make this a good BlockoWorld, but sadly that wasn't fulfilled.

Though I would like to mention a few things.

Why these things are hard to host.

The first thing is getting the server ready. You don't know how everything will go from day 1. As soon as users are allowed to do anything, it's going to become a nightmare.

You don't know how much effort people put in to these things. Comblock went through two booths, but it looks like complete crap. Pecon7 wins the award from me, "Best booth after x amount of retries." They tried 3 other times but couldn't get it right. It was getting to my nerves but his booth came out nice later on.

ARES won the award from us, "Being loving on time." They were done on before the July 21st opening date. If more people took it seriously like ARES, we wouldn't have a lot of problems like right now.

I had alot to say about next year, but really the stress killed it away and I do not want to host another BlockoWorld next year.

It was a great 4 years with BlockoWorld, and I'll still help out with the newly run BlockoWorld next year.

For booth holders, thanks for submitting, we appreciate the help.

Thank you all for coming last night (except the starfishs who exploited the duplicator), locking the thread.

|| Clans/Projects

  • Blockland Hunger Games
  • Operation: Infiltration
  • Pass' Neighborhood TDM
  • Youse
  • Escape from Facility Level - H
  • WM Plants
  • Comblock
  • Hogwarts
  • Ben & Company Modifications
  • Fus Ro Dah Game
  • Boom's Event Contraptions
  • Hogwarts
  • Pecon7's Boss Battles
  • Jaden Brixton's Cars
  • Garfeld
  • Blota
  • Unannounced Clan
  • GBLD
  • Herb Productions Inc
  • Portal 3
  • Abomination
  • ARES
  • Jeep Server
  • Cineblock
  • Scattered Space
  • SSBU
  • Jake's Modern Combat Hat Pack
  • NARG
  • Crazysoft
  • Ark's Falling Platforms
  • Plaguelands RPG
  • Jake's Armory
  • AoB (?)

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its closed

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So what about BlockoWorld?

The one with a large audience and attendance record...

This sounds pretty intriguing, as I'm currently working on my first brick addon, I might consider registering an slot. Gonna muse about it for a bit.

I registered for a space

Gotta love the smell of stolen.

There's tons of conventions that are the same IRL. It isn't an issue.

Comblock will apply for a booth. Since we were unorganized in a way for BlockoWorld

This sounds fun, but BlockoWorld is very similar, but I'll attend both..

if this has something different from BlockoWorld I'll show up.

Sounds just like it.

lol'ing at everyone who thinks blockoworld invented the word "convention"