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Instead of fixed maps, the new version of Blockland will feature a set of environmental controls that can be adjusted by any admin on the server. It's a bit like a more robust version of adjustable plate.  

Here's a video of it in action.

There are two tabs: simple and advanced.

The simple tab lets you pick a skybox, ground texture and water.  Default light settings are loaded from the skybox file.  Skyboxes may have fixed lighting or have a day/night cycle attached to them.

The advanced tab allows you to adjust all of the lighting setting manually.  

The following settings can be adjusted:
  • Enable day/night cycle (on or off)
  • Day length (1 to 86400 seconds or 0 for paused)
  • Day time offset (for adjusting time of day manually)
  • Day cycle file
  • Sun azimuth (position around the horizon)
  • Sun elevation
  • Direct light color
  • Ambient light color
  • Shadow color
  • Top and bottom sun flare textures
  • Sun flare color
  • Sun flare size
  • Visible distance (20 to 1000 meters)
  • Fog distance
  • Fog color
  • Sky color (multiplied on top of current sky texture, use white sky texture for solid colors)
  • Water color (again, multiplied on top of water color)
  • Water height
  • Underwater color (color of screen overlay when you are underwater and color of splash effects)
  • Water scroll X and Y (flowing water effect and force)
  • Ground color (multiplied on top of texture)
  • Ground scroll X and Y
  • Vignette color (shaded border around edge of screen)
  • Vignette multiply (alternate blending method for vignette)

You can really give things a completely unique look and feel by adjusting these settings

Additional notes:
  • You do not have to reload the map to change the environment.  Settings are applied in real time and synced to all clients.
  • This works on both listen servers and dedicated servers.
  • Skyboxes, ground textures, water textures, sun flares, and day/night cycles are all packaged as add-ons - so it is easy to make your own.
  • All environment textures are added to the file manifest, so clients that connect to your server will download see all custom textures.
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this is pretty hot :D

since it seems that the sliders change the sun as they're slid, does this mean that there's a way to change suns without having to re-make them now? or am i just dumb and there was one all this time
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cool. this looks amazing

soon to come: people who thought this was v21 release

jaw dropping awesomeness
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cool. this looks amazing

soon to come: people who thought this was v21 release
i did at first when i saw new posts in development

Can't wait for the update :o


I can't wait till V21!
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This makes me want v21 than i already did! I cant wait!!!

I love you so much
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