Which to buy?

Dead Monkey
16 (55.2%)
Honest Hearts
13 (44.8%)

Total Members Voted: 29

Author Topic: Honest Hearts or Dead Money?  (Read 1324 times)

So I've got $5 right now, and I'm thinking of spending it on F:NV DLC.
I have every DLC except Dead Monkey and Honest Hearts.
I can't loving choooooooooooooose.
help me forums  :panda:

Save up for the Ultimate Edition.  :cookieMonster:

But, if you have to choose, Dead Money.  It comes first chronologically anyway.

Dead Money's pretty boring, Although there is a stuffload of good loot at the end.

Honest Hearts on the other hand was pretty fun. Colt 1911's, Indians and LSD trips.

Dead money is so loving boring

high amounts of votes for dead money
I'll go with dead monkey unless somehow honest hearts catches up by the end of school tomorrow

neither, save your money because both loving suck

the only one i ever liked was the alternate ending one

save for that dingo bingo

wrong game
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Honest Hearts is so much better, and less scary

get old world blues


Honest Hearts is so much better, and less scary
>Dead Money


But, Dead Money gets you the holorifle!  That's any energy weapon-user's BFF with all of the easier-than-hell-to-get upgrades.

The DLCs are part of the side series story in the game. Buy Dead money first, then get Honest Hearts, then Old World Blues, and finally Lonesome road. Since you are only missing the two I would get Dead Money. It has longer gameplay and is has more dynamic parts to the story where as Honest Hearts is linear.

dead money makes you feel trapped in a stuffty radioactive town where you have to obey the commands of some jerk, and your stupid companions get killed easily and when they die, you die