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3:35pm: Badspot realizes that the hitman is there and Perma-Bans him.

3:36pm: Badspot hacks the hitman's igso, gets super admin, and bans him.

3:37 badspot gets taken over by another headcrab.

4:37pm badspot ripes the headcrab off realizing that it's a giant waffle that was trying to kill him....badspot go's to dennys and get's waffles and bacon and realizes that he likes bacon more than waffles

4:40pm: Badspot throws his waffles at the Denny's waiter.

4:40 He skullrapes the waiter

4:45pm Badspot goes home to find the mongler in his toilet.

4:46 badspot goes into mission editor and deletes the mongler.

4:47 Badspot encounters a corrupt mongler which didn't delete properly.

4:48pm  Badspot tries to run to Canada in an attempt to get away from the corrput mongler. But insted ends up in the Lawn and Garden section at Lowe's. DUN DUN DUUHHHHh!!!!
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Gnome: Would you like the power of the gnome army?
Badspot: Why yes I would, I have a corrupted picture I need to take care of.
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4:52pm The gnome gives Badspot an M16 and 1001 bullets. Badspot immediately uses the 1001st bullet to kill the gnome. Badspot then laughs like a maniac for five hours straight while the corrupt mongler kills all the roblox players.