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Back on topic!: 4:54pm Badspot goes home and decides not to save the Robloxians.

4:57 Badspot enters his BlockMobile

4:57 Badspot enters his BlockMobile
5:00 Badspot's car bricks.

5:01 Badspot uses his insta horse but accidentally wands his hoof, breaking it. He must walk home.

5:15pm Badspot is attacked by Mr. Rogers and his mafia gang.

5:15:06 PM
Badspot realizes that Mr. Rogers is dead, and what he saw was just an illusion.

5:30pm: Badspot is attacked by the evil

5:32 PM:

Badspot begins to reach for his ban-hammer...
5:33 PM: But all of a sudden, Elton John snatches it and tries to use it, but fails because he is not admin!
5:40 PM:He asks a normal admin for the password, but he is defeated by BANHAMMER.
6:00 PM:Badspot, after several minutes trying to code a computer, he logs onto the forum, only to know that Supersnake117 is flaming a great amount!
6:02 PM: He then bans Supersnake117.
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6:30 PM: I hack Badspot's account and all of a sudden, get password for EVERYTHING even all the servers

except you aren't talking about badspot but yourself, post disregarded.

6:30 PM: Badspot's account gets hacked by me, and all of a sudden, Badspot gets turned into Furdle

6:35pm FurdleSpot seperates into Badspot and Furdle. Badspot then bans Furdle for posting crappy decals, faces, etc.

6:40 PM: Everyone starts pointing and laughing at Furdle's failure.

2:40 PM, next day: Everyone starts getting tired of laughing at Furdle's failure. Badspot makes Bloko-Caeks to feed everyone. Furdle's cake is a lie.

2:61 Time is fucked up.

2/2/02 2:02: Badspot has gone back intime