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2:03, Badspot finds the source of the time issue, someone managed to make a portal paradox world, and their outdated drivers broke stuff.

Badspot jumps in the portal and is stuck in never-ending falling through portals.

Badspot uses his amazing admin powers to f8 his way back to Blockland.

 Badspot then goes back to his secret lair "Badspots Beta"
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Why isn't anyone posting? Im bumping topic.

BadSpot decides to turn the server into a DM, thus having many people join, creating a "fight to the death".

-2:20 Since the server is running V9, everyone crashes when joining. Badspot then decides to browse the Blockland forums.


-2:24 Badspot sees a topic complaining about the crash so he bans the creator of the topic and leaves a message saying "Welcome to the internet Blockland"

Badspot looked at the clock and said "It's over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!"

Badspot threw a rock at a kid on a bike.

The kids takes off his little kid costume, and we now see it's a very mad police man.

He then takes the red pill...

And then all the stuff in Matrix hapens?
or was it blue cant remember...
E: he turns into NeoSpot and gets disconected from Blockland and finds him self from this place caled "real world".
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then a matrix like ending happens only he saves blockland....

Then he wonders what time it is