Author Topic: 2012/10/26 - Obj to Blb Converter  (Read 83345 times)


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This is a command line utility that will convert an .obj file to a .blb file.  

You can name the different objects within the obj file for certain effects:
Object Name  Effect
COLOR_255_255_255_255Color will be the provided RGBA value (regardless of paint color)
COLOR_255_255_255Color will be the provided RGB value (alpha will default to 255)
SUBCOLOR_20_20_20Color will be the paint color minus provided RGB value
ADDCOLOR_20_20_20Color will be the paint color plus provided RGB value
BOUNDSBounding box, determines size and centering of blb.  If no BOUNDS object is provided, the bounds of the entire shape will be used.  
COLLISIONCollision box, in game collision.  Anything that starts with the word "COLLISION" will be considered a collision box (so COLLISION1, COLLISION2, etc will work).  Collision boxes are boxes.  Complex shapes will be reduced to their bounding box.  Maximum of 10 collision boxes per blb.

Maximum of 512 quads per blb.
Triangles can be used, but they will be represented by quads.
There is currently no mechanism for texturing.


now give us an official .bls to .obj converter so we can make cool rendered blockland movies and stuff


Does it work on macs?

HOLY stuff YES
forget YES

Does it work on macs?
I don't think so D:

But still, thanks so much for this. I'll either use VMWare Fusion or I'll use Wine or soPhysician Prescribed Desoxyning.