Author Topic: 2013/01/02 - Blockland r1783  (Read 34623 times)

Pack up everyone, it's time to move to the next development topic.

Is there even a new update?

I don't think there was. What makes you think there was?

Red Quark's post where he mentioned "moving to the new development topic" - which happens when there is a new update.

And there wasn't. So I have no idea what he's going on about.

Pack up everyone, it's time to move to the next development topic.


Since the bug thread is locked, I guess I need to post this here.

There is a problem with lighting bricks that are not completely within your visibleDistance, I took a few screenshots.

With the visible distance set to 10, the baseplates on the floor and ceiling appear completely black even though they are not.

With the visible distance set higher (100 or so), the baseplates' color returns to them.

I hope Badspot can look into this sometime.

I'm guessing it's because the view distance relies on the position of the center of the brick, not all around it.

Just a guess, though.

The bug thread locked.. meaning..

..Everything is perfect!! woo

Didn't know where else to put this, but since this is the most recent thread in the Development board, it should do. I just don't feel like this deserves its own topic.

Anyways, someone in Badspot's server was asking him about vehicle physics getting fixed. I'm not sure if this is new or anything, but he briefly explained what he has to do to fix them. In no way is this supposed to mean he is working on them, or plans to do it anytime soon - I just thought it was interesting.

But that's basically it.

So in other words... It's a lot of work?

Yeah, pretty much.
From what he said I guess hes focused on fixing other issues before he can tackle bigger issues.

So I guess he is in a way working on it.


That piece of info made me happy for some reason. There's still hope for decent collisions with bricks.

i think we need a vehicle overhaul
add some new features to them
and flashlights / headlights while we're at it

I think we should wait until the networking and vehicle collision solver issues are (if ever, whenever) fixed, before adding fancy things to them. Also, isn't it already possibly to attach a light to a vehicle?

Yeah but not a directional one.

Cause we don't have any.