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Oh my. Blockland keeps getting more and more awesome with each update. Keep it going Badspot!

Bots have always had this problem, because vehicles have specific controls but the bots follow the normal controls. Basically, it is impossible for normal bots to drive vehicles. they would need to know the control scheme for the vehicle the are getting into and adjust for it. Badspot having access to the source code, he could code such things in a non-hacky way, but it'd still be difficult to get right.

Point being the bot tries to move and look normally, but the vehicle doesn't control like that. There's no strafing and left to right movement - direction is controlled by look. In theory, you'd think it looking around would work, but since it tries to move left to right it can't figure out what's going on.
Wait but in the video, didnt Badspot show a bot driving? Was it just luck that he went straight?

Best Update (Early) 2013.

Yay zombies and blockheads n stuff.

I still don't understand a single bit of how to event most of the things in that promotional video. Is there any chance for a manual/tutorial/etc.?

Hopefully this update will tip the scales an get us greenlit!

Can't wait to get started on giving these bots a try and start making good servers with them.

Also, what is that music in the bot update video? Is it an official Blockland song, or is it from something else?

The jump to the last few revisions really did lose some decent content, but now it's coming back refined and polished.

GG badspot     
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Finally a real track. That's some quality stuff.

We're killing sharks in a server

you guys have bot holes