Author Topic: The first server you visited  (Read 4090 times)

amade having a freebuild on the kitchen map
damn, do i miss amade

Iban's Trench CTF. Kaje's Sniper Rifle, Ephi's Shotgun, the default Gun, and your trench dirt and shovel tools.

I remember it was the size of about two 64by64's. There were two side-paths and in the middle was a poorly build wooden bridge with lava below it. I also remember that I dug to the bottom of the map, tunneled for like an hour, and when I almost made it to the other base, Iban reset the map. It was extremely fun, though.

There aren't servers like these anymore. It's weird how back then lots of people enjoyed it, but if someone were to recreate it, use the classic weapons, and host it, nobody would show up and nobody would like it. People would complain about how small it is and how bad the guns are. Man, so much nostalgia when thinking about this server.

I actually might try remaking the build he made...

I think it was Wizzard's Dogfight.
:o I remember that one. I also remember when I would use nothing but stick grenades.
I can't even remember.
Didnt expect everyone to remember lol.

Played demo in 2009

Bought it in 2012

The first server I've went to was Pecon7's (v20)

Badspot's Block Party in '09

I remember building a house under a mountain, but ended up accidentally wanding it, so I decided to make it into a floating house over lava. Then the server reset.

first server ever was like in v9-10 it was some stupid paper mario rp, I kept trying to build on other people's bricks

first server i played was a freebuild

So let's see if anyone can remember what their first server was.

A city build hosted by Kalphiter in v16

[Eua] hotel clan build i think.

Superpuppy's Freebuild

I thought he was a god

Badspot's Block Party
I didn't even know how to chat yet.

My own server, where I perfected my hosting skills.

i have no idea, it was in 2007

first one I can remember is rkynick's
jesus, how long has he been gone now?

Aoki's Freebuild is where my Blockland experience really began. :)