Author Topic: Halloweenfest - Closed till Werdsnaday. :(  (Read 35847 times)

halloween blockland is one of my favorites

someone make a skeleton thinker statue

I will give you my dog.

someone make a skeleton thinker statue

I will give you my dog.
as you can see we are hard at work on halloweenfest

Is that... Shrek Krumping?

I am now unbanned-- The grand opening will be in 2 hours!

Make that giant pumpkin explode.

We will be opening in 25 minutes! Be sure to be there!

I made a chest hintbook:
1. This one is near the spawn. It wont be hard to find.
2. This one is near the spawn and on top of the letter N. The big one.
3. This treasure chest is somewhere in the parking lot.
4. This treasure chest is on the Eiffal Tower. You may have to do some climbing.
5. This treasure chest can only be clicked while riding the Creep Coaster.
6. This treasure chest is under the dunk tank target.
7. This treasure chest is disguised in the pumpkin-weigh-in challenge.
8. This treasure chest is near the super-trampoline.
9. This treasure chest is lost in the woods near the creep-coaster, covered in blood.
10. This chest is near the spleef arena in a place to sit down.
11. This chest is well hidden somewhere in the Evil Alchemist's caves.
12. This chest is on the ferris wheel. It enjoys the view.
13. This chest likes funnel cake.
Find them all!