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UPDATE 2013/12/17:

Known issues related to Steam:

  • ??? Users report that random keys (z, numpad enter, escape) will get stuck as the steam screenshot key.  I haven't been able to duplicate this but perhaps it is related to the above keyboard error?  Is this a bug with steam?  More info needed. 
  • Dedicated servers on steam - You can do this via right click->properties->general->set launch options->"-dedicated" (without quotes).  Not sure what other options there are for running this.  You can set multiple launch options in steam but then you get a pop up asking you which one you want to use every time you run the game.  There doesn't seem to be an option to add something to the right click menu only.
  • Blockland->Steam transfer page can get stuck - If the steam backend times out for whatever reason while you're trying to transfer your blid to steam, your BLID will be locked to your steam id but you won't own blockland on steam.
  • Steam users can't register for forum - I am going to make this work soon.
  • Some people bought the game on steam and now have a 60k id, but want to use their old blockland id - I should be able to make a it handle a one time trip from above 60k to below 60k.
  • Some people tied a key to their steam account but want to use a different key - I'm a bit hesitant to completely open the multiple account friendry floodgate onto steam.  I'll have to think about this.
  • If someone is in a game and their steam connection fails, their steam lobby will bork and if you try to join their game via steam, you get a message like "Connecting to :0"
  • Right Click->View CD Key hangs - This option shouldn't even be there, if you bought the game directly through steam you don't even have a Blockland key.
  • FIXED DInputDevice::syncKeyboardState - DIERR_NOTACQUIRED - Some users report their keyboard intermittently fails to reactivate with this error.  This is caused by alt-tabbing away from the game while the steam overlay is up. 
  • FIXED If you put steam in "offline mode" and run the game, it will prompt you to enter a key (which you don't have if you bought the game on steam).
  • FIXED If steam is temporarily down, the game will prompt you to enter a key. 
  • FIXED If you click "retry" after an authentication failure (possibly caused by a steam network outage), the game will not be fully unlocked, you'll have to restart the game
  • FIXED/Non-Issue "Authentication failed: Bad response from steam (1)/(2)" - this is literally the steam backend not replying to the master server.  The error is handled, that's all I can do.  There have been some steam outages, likely caused by prep for the holiday sale rush. 
  • FIXED When you join a game via steam friends list, the player list does not display the max players or server name

UPDATE 2013/12/16:

Blockland is now available on Steam.  Please note that if you buy it, it will give you a new ID number.  If you want to keep your BLID, just wait a bit while I turn the key transfer page on.  


I've been working on steam features.  It's a bit tricky since I want people to be able to switch to steam if they want to but not force it on them, so steamid and blockland id have to work side by side.  

Here's the current task list:
Updates via steamDoneWithout using the launcher
"Join Game" featureDoneVia the steam friends list
Steam store artworkDoneVarious titles, banners, icons
Steam trading cardsDoneOriginal G-rated artwork by me.  I could cheese out and only do 4.
AchievementsDone11 achievements - These are all client controlled at some level so I'm not taking it too seriously
TrailerDoneRequired for steam release
New steam purchasesDoneYou'll get a BLID, but steam will be used for authentication
Transfer old usersDoneCurrent users would be able to switch to steam (if they wanted to) and keep their BLID.
Multiple steam usersforget itYou can have multiple users with one steam folder and the main game folder is shared.  Gonna have to redirect config to mydocuments or something.
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EDIT: How will you have the trailers made? Will you add a poll for what the community has made? Or will you make one yourself
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badspot you are the best game developer ever

This is good, this is very good.

Feel like giving us a sneak peak at the trading cards by chance?

Thanks so much for the update.

It seems exciting knowing RTB won't work for me. Badspot thank you so much! I look forward to these Blockland-Steam features.

looking forward to the release.

Sweet! So we are having trading cards. Woo!

This is good, this is very good.

Feel like giving us a sneak peak at the trading cards by chance?
Just a few pixels.

Just a few pixels.
I'm going to guess there is one for each default tool, probably a spam brick and that's all I've got to guess for.