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Blender doesn't support manually editing vertex normals; they're always calculated automatically
There's still isn't support for manual editing I'm afraid but apparently someone was working on it:

So would Visual novel stuff be fine?

no like what the forget would a rogue programmer even be

oh man i'm suddenly on the wrong end of the law i'm gonna make these programs but eviller this time
somebody who makes really difficult platformers :C

hhhOLY stuff im so hyped for jamesster's game actually

Just don't expect a complete game any time soon, it's quite a hefty project for one guy, and while I am making progress at what I consider to be a good pace there's still quite a lot left to go, obviously.

On the more design-y aspects rather than the programming I'm currently working on, I'm trying to think of different enemies for this thing that would fit in with the LEGO theming and be fun to fight as well. I'm trying to avoid generic enemies that have been done to death in countless other games, and the game is a bit surreal/silly in overall style, so there's quite a lot of freedom to it. Yet I'm still having trouble thinking of stuff. :\

I'm a rogue coder looking for a game project. I prefer to work in C# but I'm quite flexible.

Let me know if anyone's interested.
This offer still stands

This offer still stands
I'm thinking about it, the main thing I'm worried about is that I don't have any "proper" written documentation of my game, I just have notes that wouldn't explain it very well to people other than me, so I'd have to actually bite the bullet and make a game design doc. My game runs on Unity and is scripted in C#, though as I mentioned a few pages back it used to be use almost entirely UnityScript and I'm still working on translating it to C#... And by "translating" I mean I'm re-writing pretty much everything I had from the ground up because my UnityScript stuff was a complete mess.

That's no problem. I'm experienced in unity (to an extent). I can interpret code quite easily (unless its completely atrocious, which I'm not anticipating.)

Add me on steam if you want.

My devlog for the game I've been making:

Currently in hibernation, as I don't have much time to work on it. Currently most of the core mechanics I've had to program from the ground up are finished (minus the pause menu). Character graphics have a way to go.

That's no problem. I'm experienced in unity (to an extent). I can interpret code quite easily (unless its completely atrocious, which I'm not anticipating.)

Add me on steam if you want.
Sent a friend request on Steam.

I had quite a good amount of stuff working in the old UnityScript project - player animation, different weapons/tools with different functions, rudimentary combat, a working enemy to fight against, player health/checkpoints/respawning after dying, picking up and carrying objects, placing buildings on a grid, etc. Problem was, while it worked, it was all a bit of a hack job (I know UnityScript/C# enough to get by and understand things but I'm not a programming wiz by any means), so I decided to just start from scratch when switching to C#... As you can see in one of the final few videos I linked to back on page 6, the only real thing I've re-created is the camera setup, and as I mentioned a few posts ago I just added swimming (though that isn't actually finished yet; it technically works but it's by no means finalized code - not that there's much code involved, it's little more than changing the gravity depending on the height of the player and if you're pressing jump).

I'm beginning unity and I was wondering if someone could help me a bit with it

Thanks, but I was hoping it could be someone from here
Please be a bit more specific, then. :)