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If your theory is correct, it should sound exactly the same as 48000, and 44100 if you combine the two.
I have no idea what you mean by "combine the two." The proper way to compare is to do a blind listening test.

You can download foobar2000 which is a free music player and it will allow you to do a blind listening test between the two by installing a component from this link:

Anyway, new experimental track Waves

new remix
Oh dang dude you made one. I'll have to listen to that later. :o

Also, announcement! This remix contest has been extended to September 18th as we've only gotten ~4 submissions in so far. If you want to remix it, go for it, and spread the word. ;)

Did a little cover demo thing of an intro to a Meshuggah song ;)

Decided to redo an old song of mine, this is just the start. Pitche
Its not a typo, just a really odd name i came up with a couple years ago.
Also, working on this as well. Earth
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dumb WIP thing, give feedback please \_(ツ)_/
Ok, so its not really feedback, but i added drums. Here
Sounds pretty good so far, but more contrast in dynamics would be nice.