Author Topic: 2014/02/02 - Steam Forum Registration  (Read 93980 times)


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If you bought the game via steam, you can now theoretically register to post on the forums. 

When you try to post on the forum a page like this will show up:

Just click the link "Register Via Steam" button and you're on your way.

hang on let me get my magnifying glass

Using the Steam OpenID auth, I'm guessing?

I look forward to seeing new people on these forums

what is with the penny less one

hang on let me get my magnifying glass
Also, thanks, finally those 40 thousand people can make their accounts on the forum

Lets hope this is for the better.

This is fantastic! I feel as if there will be a totally new influx of forum users now. Also Badspot, maybe you should put up a banner on the Blockland Steam page saying keys now work for forum registration so people know.

Can we get a better view of that page?