Author Topic: I've been a member of the forums for four years, wow.  (Read 1974 times)

Jesus, same here. I didn't think I had been here that long

jacksaunt i thought you were dead
was he just lurking around

I like you and am glad you were here these last four years c:

What's weirder is when you consider that you may have nearly spent a third of your life as part of this community, as I have.

Nearly 6 years here, and I'm 18.

I've been here for 5 years (Or well, I will be on Friday)

wow you just made me realize I've been a member for 5-6 years

what have I done with my life

this june will be my 4th year too

Well, I registered on 2012 and lurked around until christmas 2013 if that counts
Anyways, congrats

I will hit the 4 year mark myself in 2 days

January 29, 2011. Surprisingly, this is actually before I got my key, on July 2. It's only been 3 years for me.

I'll hit the 6 year mark for blockland community involvement on August 28th (four years on the forum because I was b& for almost two years until trymos got me a new key)

Congratulations from someone who also originally registered in 2010. <3
Yes, this is an alt.
Pacha (BanishedLetters), Ike, and Night Fox registered around the same time as I did in 2010. Doolder and Flush535 did too. That's about all I can remember.;u=5929 (i dont recommend looking at this for long)

Date Registered:   December 16, 2007
Today:         May 3, 2014
i've been using the forums for 6 years, 4 months, and 17 days.


oh man, i thought you were banned, but you're back

Pacha (BanishedLetters), Ike, and Night Fox registered around the same time as I did in 2010.
a couple of months before I did! but I had an account before this. I was kind of an idiot