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This add-on includes 2 armor sets, a Ballistic and Tactical set, which a player can put on to reduce damage taken.




JakeBlade - 7088 - Modelling
Boodals - 3504 - Scripting


If you want to support me please feel free to send donations to the following Paypal adress:
I added this because making mods takes time, I would never charge people for downloading my add-ons, though donations would be very much appreciated.

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This looks cool, though the link doesn't work

This looks cool, though the link doesn't work

Woops, fixed

Are you going to be making any variations? Either of the model or of the textures?

Woah I like it. Make more please. Maybe detail the vest a bit more but it really looks good

Id perfer a variant with none of the Camo but just a solid turquoise color. Other than that its pretty neat.

I'd like a black variant of the helmet if possible. Maybe a dark gray camo too

brilliant, nice job Jake! How about a black and snowy variant too?

brilliant, nice job Jake! How about a black and snowy variant too?
yes listen to this person he speaks smartese

Some of the ugliest scripting... ever. Sorry for being a bit harsh.

The code should be spread out more to make it more readable.
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The problem is that using a dual wield weapon removes the vest. Seems like that can't be avoided, though.

You guys could make your own versions by duplicating the folder, changing all instances of the name (in description, the folder itself, namecheck, and vest/helmet.cs files) to a modified version (notepad ctrl+H) and switching the USForestCamo.png to a different image with the same name. If you wanted the helmet and vest to be different, you could place:

) vest.dts or helm.dts
) vest.cs or helm.cs
) a copy of all the texture files

in separate folders named vest and helmet, and add the folders to the server.cs' exec() command

then change their textures (USForestCamo) separately. The .dts files use the textures in the same folder as itself, so if they're in separate folders, they can use different images.

Or you could wait for Jake to make more .dts files which use different materials, and add different versions to the same add-on, but that would mean more datablocks.

If you only want one type, then the only downside of doing the above instead of asking for another version from Jake is that USForestCamo.png would be a misnomer.

I've seen decent people get banned for this language

Amazing! I need to try it, thanks Jake!

I've seen decent people get banned for this language
Other people say terrible things, filled with swears and near death threats and they don't get banned, and your saying that I'll get banned for saying that the spacing in the code is ugly and not very readable?