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We are currently: Creating a proper set-up for VIP! - Big thanks to ottosparks for the server!

6/22/14 - Updates with a possible fix on server issues!!
the server shouldn't have any problems with 'crashing' or not wanting to work properly anymore

6/20/14 - A now more stable server courtesy of ottosparks!
6/13/14 - Pill Gun added, Gives points when you heal! / Damage Level is now purchasable
6/13/14 - Minor changes, Project officially being finalized!!
6/10/14 - You can now resurrect your fellow teammates!!
6/10/14 - Minor Changes, Separate Damage level!
6/10/14 - Second Test! Still positive reviews all around!
6/9/14 - Development of VIP
6/8/14 - Finalizing everything, Currently looking for a reliable hosting service!
6/8/14 - You can now detonate those pesky zombies on your turrets!
6/8/14 - Zombie Death Count and Titles!
6/7/14 - Leveling System
6/7/14 - First Alpha Testing! Positive reviews all around!
6/7/14 - Weapon and Price Changes, Sniper Towers added on Mountain
6/6/14 - Howitzer replaced with cannons
6/5/14 - Weapons now load upon spawn!
6/5/14 - Minor Changes, Item Saves clear upon new round
6/5/14 - Item Saver System
6/4/14 - Countdown Spawn Command
6/4/14 - You can now share points!
6/4/14 - Implements New Spawn System / Development of a Spawn Counter
6/1/14 - Project Started

"Upon spawning, players are greeted by an abandoned coal mine lit by the orange ambient light of the torches. With various weapons stapled across the walls, players must choose their own arsenal to fight against
 the relentless waves of zombies. As you enter the battle field one may find themselves on a mountainside surrounded by deadly water overlooking a small forest swallowed by fog and... zombies.
Stick close together as that may be your best bet to survive.

We attempt to preserve the experience of Endless Zombies in a quality server. Countless hours of progress have gone into this project and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we did creating it."

Check out this small test teaser!:

/Help- To repeat commands on the battlefield!
/Spawn or Ctrl+K - Teleports back to spawn after a 5 second countdown, do this often!
/Give [Player] [#points] - Sharing is caring!
/Zc - Shows how many zombies are left in the round and current wave you're in!
/Stats- Check statistics such as your leveling progress or KD!
/Getinfo [Player]- Check statistics of your allies!
/Clearstats - Embarrassed of dying too much? No one will be the wiser!
 /Res [Player] [#points] - Starts a donation pool of 125 points to resurrect your fellow teammate!

Countdown Timer!
Countdown feature displays when a person is recalling
Live Zombie Death Count!
Neat little Zombie Death Count!          
Snorted or injected!
& so much more!!

Neat Wallpaper! 1600 x 900

Armageddon - [BL-ID: 5784]
Bokeh - [BL-ID: 5203]
p0th3ad - [BL-ID: 117]
ottosparks - [BL-ID: 10293]
Flamecannon - [BL-ID: 6169]
Legend - [BL-ID: 6725]
Nickel - [BL-ID: 3098]

VIP list
Focus - [BL-ID: 39626]

Morgellons - [BL-ID: 116]

please note that we are accepting absolutely NO applications for admins or moderators.
we do not feel the need for a blacklist, but please do not make us change our minds.

Q: Why should I donate my money, which I worked so hard to get, to you guys?
A: It's optional. However, how long the server stays up is partly up to the players. All donations go to funding our server provider. Plus it gives insight to what people want.

Q: How much will it cost me?
A: You can donate as much as you want. Your generosity is much appreciated. However, all benefits come at a minimum of $3.00 USD.

Q: Hmm. I'll donate, but what are the benefits?
A: Benefits include
  • A lovey title just for you!
  • Access to exclusive spawn room!
    • Access to exclusive testing!
      Access to exclusive weapons and player types!
      More Inventory space to hold all your goodies!

Q: Seems awesome, lets do it! ...but how?
A: All donations can simply be sent via Paypal to our server provider's email:
or simply click the picture below.

If you're interested into making the donation, please contact administration before hand so you may be added to the list. Any questions or concerns, feel free to send me a personal message or contact any of the server admins via steam:

Coding for All the Essentials: Armageddon
Spawn Build: Bokeh
Mod-Ter Battlefield: Armageddon & xXSkunkLordXx
Trees: p0th3ad
Endless Zombies Mod: Gravity Cat
Weapon Pack: Bushido
Item Purchase Sytem: Ottosparks
VIP Room: Flamecannon, Dwaif, and Bokeh
Title Ideas: Flamecannon

Currently in development!

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Oooo, it's looking great.  I want to play here.

A: Currently, we have no server provider at this moment and VIP is still in development but if you'd like to invest in us, shoot me a DM, And we'll get you the details.

Do we have to find you in a death match and kill you to be able to invest?

i tried this out and it was pretty fun
would never play again

Good looking server
Nicely made OP
this looks like it will be a quality server.
will try it out when I get a chance.

cool something quality

down again, thanks for everyone who played!!

got to wave 20!

we're developing a separate dmg system!!
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p sweet overall gameplay

quake type weps add to the value and run and gun style that is greatly enjoyable in the end

zombs, skeles, and bosses scale well as far as to how ridiculously the dmg of the weapons are (they really can pack a punch)

spawn room / vip room is well done and the most notable eye candy of the server

actual battlefield is nice and simplistic which fits what the entire gamemode is all about; wave after wave combat until the last man

gg every1

wasn't your id 115

wasn't your id 115

he sold it for the mooooneees  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

idk if he'll murder me or not if i tell you who bought it tho

he sold it for the mooooneees  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

idk if he'll murder me or not if i tell you who bought it tho
Sylvanor bought it off Armageddon for $40.


*NEW*: You can now resurrect your fallen teammates! Typing /res [player] will start a donation pool of 125 so you all can pitch in to save them!
*NEW*: Separate Damage level!
*NEW*: Ranking up now gives you points!! Ho-rah!
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definitely better than buttman's server

is rly good u guys should play