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As leder of cohert i decline having to giv passwerd
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Hey buds!
School started for me on August 18th and I have been pretty busy kicking back into school gear.
But this weekend is a long weekend and I know I will have some time to build yay!
Cya on the weekend hope to see some of you guys on there :)

I start on the 20th. of January lol

did a nice hospital on Furdle's gta thingie

soz double post
i made a nice control room =)

Yeah I was occupied this whole weekend, sorry.

Looks awesoommee syl. Hospital really sleek. Put a cohort sign on that and it's perfect. loool

BlockFeed Add-on and saves manager Website is nearly done for alpha version. You will receive an invitation to test it soon :)
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Sorry for double post :S
also: nice house i did for a far cry 3 test :3

 Very soon, Cohort, very soon... can't wait

So here I am, I AM BACK!, you probably dont miss me, you probably would say: forget of Whose, no one likes you.
I understand

But never the less i have started school and will be on often, might as well share an event from life:
So far I have been denounced and shouted at by 3 teachers because i tend to smile at all times, so we had this sub teacher for 10min of economics, and she asked us to write what is business to us, so i wrote this:

"Business is the capitalist exploitation of inferior workers to gain money for your wife's fake breasts, while children in Africa are starving"

Presumably I started laughing and chuckling, then she shouts and had me stand outside.

In ICT class i wrote a virus that would spontaneously create random folders on the desktop, a teacher who happened to be in the class started shouting at me for manipulating the desktop.

Presumably I started laughing and chuckling, then he shouts and had me stand outside.
P.S: my ICT teacher is actually really nice, not that ^ guy.

At last i got into a heated argument with yet another teacher that does not teach me about backpacks being a safety hazard.

Presumably I started laughing and chuckling, then she shouts and had me stand outside.

Also about that far cry house thing syl, not enough destroy.

Well then see yuh for now!

I have given my thoughts on Ben's app on his gallery thread.
At least i think i did, not sure if I did.

You get yelled at for being the superior intellect. That's school for ya