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I had to create a new thread because the first one became too old.

All unactivated accounts prior to the fix have been deleted. Please re-register!

  • About Blockland Saves.

    Blockland Saves is a site built around save hosting for Blockland. It allows users to upload, download, and browse saves uploaded by users.

    Uploaded saves are bls files (with an optional attached jpg file) with credits, a description, and a title defined by the publisher.

    If necessary, registered users can select multiple saves and download them all in one zip archive. Your uploads will keep track of the downloads so you can see what users think about your builds.

  • Why use it?

    This site adds a simplistic way to share your builds.

    Your uploads have unique download links that you can supply to users in gallery topics if you wish.

    This also gives you the opportunity to share your newest creations with users and see what others are building.

  • Who is Blockland Saves for?

    Blockland Saves is for anybody. Whether you're an advanced user or are just getting started, this site is right for you.

    What if I'm running a clan, and I don't want others to see my build?

    When uploading a save, you can set it to the Unlisted mode. Similar to YouTube, people will only be able to find the save if they're given a URL.

  • Try it today.

It should say "Browse Saves" to be more clear.

why can you not edit the JPG file you submit
now i cant change it from the stuffty one i uploaded

Cool! How long do you plan on keeping this up?

people need to put the bricks they used in the save file >:(

first of all, awesome website! c:

there's a few things I noticed though: it seems like a lot of unknowing people are going to upload saves that use a bunch of custom brickpacks, since it doesn't say on the website that the builds have to be all default (at least not that I saw) - it would be cool if we could upload the required non-default brickpacks along with the save file, and have it work with this nifty add-on by Elm: Add-on Presets.

also, I found a minor grammatical error in the second email it sends when registering:
"We hope your enjoy your new account on Blockland Saves!"

should be you instead of your
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Time to pump my one or two actually completed projects from the last 6 years into this!

Is it just me or is the site slow loading? Images feel like I'm back on dial-up.

why do people use pictures of their blockhead for the build image

Is it just me or is the site slow loading? Images feel like I'm back on dial-up.
Stop hosting images things from your slow ass server, these are taking years to load.
For some reason Subpixel insists on hosting EVERYTHING on his extremely slow servers. Considering the entire point of this website is to upload and download files that can get rather sizable, that is a really stupid idea.


I was talking about the Welcome page.. guess I should have specified.

I might sound a bit dumb....but once you download how do you put it on blockland????