Vehicle Door Animations: Which Would You Prefer?

Keep door animations the same. Smooth, fluid animations, but vehicles with more than four animated parts  requires bot supplements.
12 (16%)
Make them open like the default .blb doors - No bots would be required, also allows me to free up animation threads for other things (turn signals, etc).
56 (74.7%)
Ditch the animated doors entirely, they have been a nuisance, they are only a tired gimmick.
7 (9.3%)

Total Members Voted: 75

Author Topic: Barnabas' Unceremonious Add-on Dump  (Read 126770 times)

Oh lord I want to hug you

Yes, a planned update for it

Wow, I'm really looking forward to the Cortez update. It is one of my favourite cars in this game and it has gone a very long time without any updates. I like the DeSoto styled taillights this one has. Are you planning on giving it the same variants, four-door, two-door, and police?

I smelll chryysleerrrrrrrrr!
Looks awesome, I've always loved the Cortez.

Yes, the same variants will be included. I might add a 4 door hardtop and a taxi too, though that could be way too many variants. Also, here's a pretty picture and another one

We goin' back to the 1950's in this cortez?

did i hear you say at one point you were going to upload that textured car you made at one point? i dont remember if you made it for blockland specifically or not, but i thought i remembered a conversation where you had the intention of doing so. is that still a thing? just curious

great work as always yo :)) it makes me happy to see you still making stuff

So good to see the Cortez after so many years. I still even have the older ver. of it on my BL.
Can't wait for the update.

Please Fix the console spam for the arrow.

Please Fix the console spam for the arrow.

Thanks for the bump

Looks like I did a half-assed job at fixing the conflicts with the bow weapon. The fix is on Glass now, waiting for approval.

Welp, I shouldn't have let my topic die.
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