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Admin Applications

A mod that allows players to apply for an administrative position on your server.

Helps prevent promoting incompetent / abusive admins or super admins.

Thanks to:
  • Furling - GUI and script tweaking [Project Lead]
  • jes00 - GUI tweaking and scripting
  • [GSF]Ghost - GUI tweaking and scripting [client/server communication]
  • ZombeKillz - Beta testing
  • catzoo - Beta testing
  • Jetz - for his original application tips used in this mod

Check out our old modification discussion topic.
Recommended to be used with RTB Server Control.

GUI Pics:

Main Features:
  • Form GUI that allows players to apply for either normal or super administrator by filling out an application.
  • Review GUI that allows the server host to view all received applications and respond to them. After selecting an application, the host can choose to either admin or super-admin a player, deny their app or even blacklist a player from reapplying (if denied or blacklisted, applicants will be notified as to why the host choose said option). The host can also choose to undeny and unblacklist applications.
  • Players can choose to reapply if their application is denied by the server host. The host can also choose a custom reapplication limit from the Review GUI, anywhere between a few days, weeks, months or even once / no limit.
  • Built-in chat filter that prevents other players from asking for admin (it will instead tell them to download the add-on to apply and provide a download link for it); Admins are immune to the chat filter. It also drops special characters when checking chat messages.
  • Pending notification system that will notify players (if not present on the server at the time) of the host's response to their application, the next time they join.
  • Limited Dedicated Server support - just about everything, except refreshing the apps list (i.e. showing newly received applications) in the host's Review GUI, works on dedicated servers.
  • Mac support

(23 KBs : :

Release Notes:
  • If McAfee is blocking the redirect page from loading, please message Furling, jes00 or myself for a direct link to download the add-on.
  • Do not delete application files or folders manually while the game or server is still running.
  • New applications will not be received from a player if they still have a pending application (i.e. hasn't been reviewed by the host yet) or are already admin / super admin.
  • New applications will also not be received from a player if their Blockland ID is on the Add-On's blacklist, or if they fail the reapplication limit check.
  • You can toggle the BL_ID or Name sorting option buttons (in the Review GUI) to switch between ascending / descending order. You can do the same with the Size button to toggle small / large viewing sizes.
  • Spam-prevention filters are included - it will kick the spammer from the server if they send an excessive amount of server commands.
  • When the host chooses to approve an application, and to give the applicant and administrative position, that player will also be added to the auto-admin list (and likewise for super-admin).
  • New applications can still be received when the host is not on the server (i.e. on dedicated servers). They will be notified of a new app the next time they join.
  • The reapply limit will be saved as a server preference once changed, and will be reloaded for the server and Review GUI pop-up menu the next time you host.
  • The server host is notified by echos in the console when a player first requests one of the GUIs, when spam or errors are detected, or when a new application is received.

Ideas for v2:
  • Use a hidden GUI element with "enter" as the accelerator to replace newline breaks with <br> instead. (?)
  • Auto-refresh the host's app list in the Review GUI when a new application is received.
  • Improve appearance of GUIs, such as by using custom buttons.
  • Fix refreshing of the apps list on dedicated servers.
  • Use the stripChars functions to remove special characters in the chat filter.
  • Send apps list and app data across the server to the host (should fix dedicated server-related issue).
  • Include option to choose other players (by ID?) to allow to respond to apps, or to allow any admins to respond to apps.
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This is awesome! Great work!
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Nice work man, this is a really great tool for servers.

Thanks everyone! Hope this add-on proves very useful. Please be sure to thank jes00 and Furling as well; it was originally Furling's idea.

Pretty useful, i'm not sure if not so popular servers needs this, but still. Great work!

I mean, it's cool and looks great but it seems kind of pointless. Admin on a server isn't that serious where you need to fill out a job-like application that requires your name, email, social security, phone number, etc (yeah i'm over exaggerating a bit but you get the point). Anyways, it looks nice either way.

I'v been waiting, now I can host a jail escape properly without being spammed
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This will replace my admin application threads, people can just go on the server and apply.

What's the command to apply?

You cant read.
Well, you COULD have told me instead of saying I can't read.