Is this contest a nice idea?

Yeah! Looks very pro!
48 (64%)
Im called badspot and contests mean noting to me!
27 (36%)

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Author Topic: Cohortteam 2015 Ostentatious Building Contest  (Read 19168 times)

I love it, guys.

I'd gladly be in the jury if you'd be willing to accept me despite my inactivity.

bump - how many people are planning on joining do you think

bump - how many people are planning on joining do you think

Hard to say. The contest hasn't even officialy started and since it'll be up for three months we could get any number of apps. I just hope the quality standards don't scare off intermediate builders.

Please can you post the links to all the add ons? I don't think i want to apply, but it would be nice to start learning.
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Your Forum name: Custard
Your Blockland Ingame Name: Custard
Your BL_ID: 6932
Building theme: Greek-American

BL_ID :23892
Building theme: industrial/fortified

Your Forum name: Dark Fire
Your Blockland Ingame Name: Mutalisk
Your BL_ID: 22127
Building theme: Steampunk/Fantasy

Your Forum name: The_Infiltrator
Your Blockland Ingame Name: Forester
Your BL_ID: 31190
Building theme: Pre-Industrial Era or 1920s (tossing ideas around for both)

I can't wait to see all the fantastic things people build. Grea. idea for a contest!

Your Forum name: Orion
Your Blockland Ingame Name: Orion
Your BL_ID: 3599
Building theme (this may change if you decide it, its just for a global view): dang old futuristic

edit: if you guys could add links to the add-ons in the rules, that'd be glorious. I can't find some of them.

one random brick pack
vertical plates, small ramps, glass panes, and tile plates
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Wow thanks for joining all of you, ill get to work on linking the add-ons, and listing the participants :D
Let you know when that is done.

Edwarde and I are building an Application.

Forum Names: Edwarde, Dandodeys
In-game Names: Edwarde, Dandodeys
BL_IDs: 2995, 3050
Theme: "Renaissance & late-medieval"

Judge App
Your Forum Name: BenGrapevine (IGN: Grandpa)
Your BL_ID: 5364
Why do you want to be a judge?: I can put on my critical face and make people feel bad about their garbage builds.
People that recommend you (they may be verified): I vouch for myself lol, I'm in your clan if that counts any
Notable builds you have done by the past: Sherlock Holmes house, Lab/factory build, etc.