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Author Topic: De-Spammer tool  (Read 1131 times)

can you make a tool that makes stuff less spammy by using bigger bricks?
sees if there's any way to reduce spam on a build and uses bigger bricks to reduce it?
This guy is on to something, and I really want to see an item that works like this;

1. Build something nice n spammy.
2. Take out your handy dandy De-Spammer
3. Aim at the baseplate and click
4. Code finds dense groups of bricks and replaces with big bricks.
5. 2 second cool down and repeat!

This would be really useful for people who don't build efficiently, and can improve the brick count of certain builds.
/discuss and /develop

Would be pretty cool idk if it would work right

This would be a pain to make.

it sounds like it would need a ton of algorithms to handle such as to decide between multiple brick placement patterns, check for add-ons with custom bricks and calculate all the stuff, but if someone can figure out how to actually make it work perfectly then yes, but i don't feel like it's gonna happen soon.

Well, couldn't the brick-joining system of Dirt Mod be used here? Of course it needs to be more complex considering that the Dirt Mod handles 2x2 cubes.

Pretty sure Port or Truce or one of those other guys made something like this and never released it.

Would be useful for me, since I always end up building spammy builds.

so it basically meshes bricks like trench wars? This would be amazing with terrain

Is De- spammer script even possible to make? ;0

This is basically the minimum rectangle coverage problem but in 3D and with regions

This has been suggested many times, and it would be pretty cool, but after several years no one has made it because it's very complicated.

It's far more complicated than trench wars' thing. And for more reasons than brick selection
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