Author Topic: Erm.. A coming out simulator?  (Read 6016 times)

this was posted before
yeah at least a year ago, let it be lol

so much loving dialogue

"Jack, what are you?"
"I'm biloveual."

Not coming out really eats at you. It doesn't help when your family doesn't seem supportive of biloveuals.

Edit: I just played through half of the game and what I said looks like a joke but it isn't. What I wrote I meant personally, not about the game.
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i like how people are making fun of this even though it's a good story

it IS a good story.

it's a story of love, drama, manthers and amateur poetry

so much loving dialogue
the game is dialogue what do you expect

I cringed when the mother said "you can't be both". god

I feel really bad about his father hitting him, and his mother not being very approving.
I also felt like I could go back and change the choices I made, but it would probably result in the same ending(?)

Hey look, it's by the same guy who made Re-imagining :The Game:

Yay I broke them up.

so much loving dialogue
ugh there are so many words in To Kill a Mockingbird