Author Topic: What ever happened to the hacker?  (Read 1549 times)

i dont care but as long as he stays out im good
this actually

i didn't care much for the hacker

i dont care but as long as he stays out im good
Glad I didn't have to say it and get my starfish rammed.
forget that guy. Every time I was in the same thread as him I felt loveually assaulted.

maybe somebody stalked him from the forums and silenced or he just decided he hates us or Blockzillahead ran him out of town.

Going with the latter

he was p cool, he should come back.

the sunstone reaction images worked nicely.

I'm right here

you guys seriously missed this post

I'm right here

You know what they say, the blockland forums literally eats your soul and you can never ever leave

I'm right here
but the hacker is 16 and you're 15?!?!?!?!????!?!?

he's gone and we are better off

you guys seriously missed this post
That's not me. I don't live in Omaha and I'm not 15. I live in the twin cities of Minnesota and I turn 17 next month.

I never left. I've thought about BLF every day after my fade-out and I still poke my head in every few weeks to see what's happening. Consider me a lurker.

^^^ he's online
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I'm right here
it's as if you want people to investigate your history here

you should rename yourself to "the lurker" then.

i saw sunstone vol 2 at my local barnes and noble and i thought of that clown

what's all this sunstone I hear about???