Author Topic: [BLC] Blockland Classics - Block Wars 10th Anniversary!  (Read 96956 times)

Wrapped up a scene of Block Wars. Funniest shoot! Nice job everyone.

Saw the announcement right as I was about to quit and go to bed, sorry I couldn't join :(

I was sleeping -_-. Next weeks is cristmasholiday so i have a plenty of time

Just want to remind anyone in the group that you can create your own production. If you have any ideas, feel free to share! Just be mindful of other projects going on and people's availability. Hopefully this group can bring ideas from lesser known artists to get constructive criticism and support from other well known creators.

The Pink Strikes Back


I need help on the W/N project. I don't know if any of you are available right now but I'll be hosting for a few hours unless no-one joins. I hope you guys can help.

Group filming in 2 hours, make sure you be there! Refer to the steam group events page for details.

when is that, like 10:00 EST?

EST is 3 hours ahead of PST. So about 9:00 - 9:30 for EST.

whos hosting

swholli is "snooze" on steam

whos hosting

swholli is "snooze" on steam

Well it's not quite time yet. Swholli will be hosting.

Ok, filming should of started a while ago but Swholli is still afk. Not sure what's going on. He did tell me he had plans before so maybe that's the holdup. Just sit tight.

I have to go, so I won't make it to tonight's filming. I'll surely make it tomorrow though. Sorry.
I'll only be lucky is swholli doesn't host at all, I hate to miss out.

Oh, well stuff. I saw the reminder but Swholli wasn't hosting earlier, then I went and ate dinner and forgot about it afterwards.

Sorry all, Swholli ended up not hosting, there was a slight miscommunication. However, the filming tomorrow is going to happen. Refer to the steam group for more details. Because I stayed up hella late I might get to the server a little late.

See you guys then!