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In-game name: tomhillm8 (formerly Sparty, or Unknown Spartan)
BL_ID: 10664
Position: Voice Actor/Acting.

I was a big fan of Darkstar's projects, Away at War being a very fond favourite of mine. Because of his work, it also inspired me to do some work for myself. Back in 2010 I made a lot of Blockland Machinimas, including a series called "Sparty's adventures", starring myself as a random-jet black-alien with two peg legs, and two hook hands. Over time, I barely touched my channel however recently I released a short called "Meanwhile. . .". Click me to find out more about my YouTube channel, I intend on uploading more work soon.

I have also stared in other Blockland projects as an actor, here are a few notable works that I have starred in:
  • Some episodes of Eksi's Chocolate Bar (refer to Flubbman's channel)
  • Flubbman and Sparty's Picnic

I would also like to expand on my voice talents. So far, I have only done one voice work which was on Flubbman's video a year ago. My mic wasn't the best at the time, the video makes me cringe slightly, but it's still hilarious. Click here to find out.

Alrighty, tallied up as many votes by as many members who did submit votes and tried to reach a decision based on what appeared to be a majority (plus my own vote as clan leader probably trumps).

So check the OP for an updated member list.

And of course as before, just because you didn't make it this round doesn't mean you can't potentially make it the next time, so don't fret.


Also, if you're not signed up for the clan forums or are a part of the steam group, go ahead and get in touch with me whenever you can.

I've decided to extend the clan forum to the general audience, so its no longer necessary that you be a member in order to join. Go right on ahead.

I'm going to do a little write up on how members (and maybe non members if they're feeling bold) can pitch their video ideas. Like I said, basically anyone can make a video as an official production of the clan, all I'll ask is that you include the logo somewhere in the video (beginning or end) and that you "pitch" the idea on the clan forum. If your idea gets "greenlit" (i.e. more than just yourself is on board with the idea) then you have full access to any of us members who are available and want to help you with your idea.
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Finally, thank you so much.

I've been working on setting up a project already, but I felt I should wait til I was in this to officially begin production, just for that extra affiliate.

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Finally, thank you so much.

I've been working on setting up a project already, but I felt I should wait til I was in this to officially begin production, just for that extra affiliate.

PM me with the deets on the project and I'll give you the official logo to play before or after the video (if you want, you don't have to) and also offer you any assistance you might need.

I'm currently working on Block Wars as my main project, but I do side projects for other people often, so I'm usually available to help in some small ways.

Thank you again.

No prob man.

So importnat
Also added you as friend so you can invite me to importnat steam group

10/10 drag

this chat happened after drag was accepted into blc

10/10 drag

this chat happened after drag was accepted into blc



Steam Name: Bester Bageler
In-Game Name: Bester Bageler (use to be Phantom Knight, I am referred to that in some of my sources of experience)
Bl_ID: 16558
Positions: Builder, Eventer (I will work as an actor if needed)

Experience/Reasons of Capability: I have worked on constructing set and acting for Pablo. I also worked on constructing for set in Block Wars right before it went on Hiatus (Mos Eisley, I constructed the Cantina interior and some of the cities buildings if memory serves correctly.) I was (am? the clan is inactive) an ARES member. I am most adept in constructing sci-fi themed builds. I do not have many builds posted as I try to only release/show off finished products. I work with primarily default bricks as well. Modular Moon Base was a project of mine where I replicated the ceiling lights from the Death Star (Picture 2). Now with Modular Terrain Bricks being default the studs do not show. Also I made that one wall thing from the Death Star on a questionable scale.

Note: All the sources I provided are somewhat old and not a reflection of my current skill as I have continued to improve a great deal since.

Edit: Here are some images of my work

1. Unfinished Rampscape CTF Island 2. Spaceship Interior 3. Unfinished Landing Pads - I might finish it later since it was cool. 4. Escape Pod Crash

I do a lot of rampscape.
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i know how to do blender animations and i could show you a clip

Damn bester those buildings are the ****

Can't, gotta invite me.

Pierre Despereaux

also known as "Oareuxj (probably on blockland)

in usa

those of you i pmed for that project

I had to postpone building production, PMing you the times.