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Ropes 2, Text Signs, & Stride
These addons are by Zapk, but he gave me permission to post them

Ropes Mod 2

Ropes are aesthetic wires with customizable colour, size, and slack.
  • ropeClearAll - Clears all ropes attached to the brick.
  • ropeToBricks [brick names] [color] [diameter] [slack]

Note: Brick names are separated by spaces. It is also recommended to use onMinigameReset to make sure the ropes always load.
  • /clearropes - clears your own ropes
  • /clearallropes - clears all ropes on the server (Admin Only)

RTB Prefs
  • Slacked Rope Shapes - # of shapes to be used in ropes with > 0 slack

New Since v1
  • Ropes now fall onto bricks instead of clipping through them.
  • "Shapes Per Rope" pref renamed to "Slacked Rope Shapes", maximum increased to 40.
  • /clearallropes now displays the message even if no ropes existed.

Text Signs

Text Signs are floating, fully configurable collisionless text boxes that are spawned by bricks. They have the same font as the default print letters, and even support more characters. Bricks can only have one text sign attached to it at a time.
Note: It is recommended to use onMinigameReset to make sure the text signs always load.
  • clearTextSign - Clears the text sign attached to the brick.
  • doTextSign [text] [size] [justify] [angle]

Note: Brick names are separated by spaces. It is also recommended to use onMinigameReset to make sure the ropes always load.
The text in doTextSign supports <br> and <color:######>.
  • /cleartextsigns - clears your own text signs
  • /clearalltextsigns - clears all text signs on the server (Admin Only)


Stride is an advanced, easy-to-configure footstep addon based off Port's old Script_Footsteps. You can assign materials and properties to individual paint colours (or event individual bricks, if you want).
Stride features footprints that can be enabled globally and via colours/events, which takes advantage of Port's decal system.
  • setMaterial [material] [hasFootprints]

Note: [material] must be a valid Stride material for sounds to play. See below.
[hasFootprints] is a checkbox of whether or not the brick should make footprints.
  • /clearfootsteps - clears all Stride material settings (Admin Only)
  • /setfootstep [material] [hasFootprints] - assigns settings to your current paint colour. Ex. /setfootstep dirt 1 (Admin Only)

The current materials that ship with Stride are the same as in Port's. These are: chainlink, concrete, dirt, duct, generic, grass, gravel, ladder, metal, metalgrate, mud, sand, slosh, snow, tile, wade, wood, and woodpanel.
RTB Prefs
  • Default Material - a string, the default sound for footsteps (Default: concrete)
  • Default Footprints - a checkbox, if bricks should have footprints by default (Default: false)

Fake Reset

Fake Reset adds a /onMiniGameReset command for admins that calls the input event on all bricks.
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Ooh, a place for all of them!

Those ropes are some cool stuff


I cant seem to get the rope mod to work, could someone...

Show me the ropes?

Thank you so much for Ropes 2.0. I loved the original version, and its going to be useful for all of my newer builds.

why not use the script that automatically changes the sounds for each brick colour?

Updating my Ropes mod!
You should put these on Blockland Glass, because why not?